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There may be plot details for recently released
or upcoming issues on this page.
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Please visit the Previews page. Complete DC Solicits are available at Comic Book Resources, Newsarama and Comics Continuum.


Aquaman #39

  • Writer: Dan Abnett and Rob Williams
  • Art: Joe Bennett and Vicente Cifuentes
  • Cover: Rafael Sandoval
  • Variant Cover: Joshua Middleton
  • Cover Date: Oct 2018
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: JUN18 0458
  • Variant Cover Order Code: JUN18 0459
  • Release Date: 15 Aug 2018

Guest-starring Task Force X, and continuing from SUICIDE SQUAD #45, also on sale this month! After Atlantis rises to the surface once more, Aquaman finds himself outnumbered and outgunned when Amanda Waller sends in the worst of the worst - the Suicide Squad-to send the Lost City straight to Hell in "Sink Atlantis!" part two!