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Aquaman #44 (2011)
Title: Siren's Call
Cover Date: Nov 2015
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Alec Morgan (layouts); Art Thibert and Jesus Merino (finishes)
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Colorist: Guy Major
Cover Artist: Trevor McCarthy
Variant Cover Artist: Francis Manapul
Assistant Editor: Amedeo Turturro
Editor: Brian Cunningham (group editor)
AQUAMAN Created By Paul Norris
Ship Date: 23 Sep 2015
Order Code: JUL15 0205 (variant: JUL15 0206)
Cover Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

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The relationship of Mera and Arthur is on the rocks. After all, Mera wants Aquaman dead. Now, the estranged lovers are about to meet face to face. Is a reconciliation in the works?





Aquaman (2011) 43 | Aquaman (2011) | Series | Stories | Aquaman (2011) 45