Adventure Comics 443

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Adventure Comics 442 | Adventure Comics | Series | Stories | Adventure Comics 444
Adventure Comics #443
Cover by Jim Aparo
Title: The Dolphin Connection
Cover Date: J/F 1976
Anthology: Two Stories (Aquaman cover), first story
Other Stories: Seven Soldiers of Victory: "Confrontation"
Writer: Paul Levitz (plot); David Michelinie (script)
Artist: Jim Aparo
Letterer: Jim Aparo
Colorist: Carl Gafford
Cover Artist: Jim Aparo
Editor: Joe Orlando
Ship Date: 30 Oct 1975
Cover Price: $0.25
Page Count: 12
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Fisherman, Topo, Karshon
Reprints: Aquaman: Death of a Prince TP

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On his way to confront General Horgan over the risk to Atlantis, Aquaman interferes with a drug investigation and offers to help to make up for it.



After being hit on the head and dumped in the water, Aquaman thinks to himself, "...after years of living under tons of water pressure, that blackjack blow was like a love-tap!"


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