Adventure Comics 247

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Adventure Comics #247
Aquaman Splash Page from Adventure #247 by Ramona Fradon
Title: Aquaman's Super Sea-Squad
Cover Date: Apr 1958
Anthology: Three Stories (Superboy cover), third story
Other Stories: Superboy: "The Legion of Super-Heroes"; Green Arrow: "The 13 Superstition Arrows"
Writer: Jack Miller
Artist: Ramona Fradon
Editor: Whitney Ellsworth (credited), Jack Schiff (Managing Editor), Mort Weisinger, George Kashdan (story editors)
Ship Date: 27 Feb 1958
Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 6
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Topo
Reprints: DC Silver Age Classics Adventure Comics 247, Millennium Edition: Adventure Comics No. 247

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A nuclear projectile designed to explode in outer space lands in the ocean, and Aquaman must deliver it to the Army before the timer runs out.