Not All My Friends Have Fins

Aquaman Aquaman


Hey! We've got Aquaman back again, starting in December. But how long will this series last?

Let's try to make it last longer than the 1994 series:

  1. Buy an extra copy of the next issue and give it to a friend who you think will like the book. Money talks, spend it. If you can't spare the $3, then loan the book to your friends. Aquaman needs readers.
  2. Talk about the book to your friends. Promote the book. Don't be obnoxious, but let people know that it's out there and it's pretty darn good!
  3. Tell your retailer that you like the book. Say you think the last arc was spectacular. Convince your retailer that this book ought to be a big seller, and should be promoted within the store.
  4. Write to DC on a regular basis to tell them you like the book. DC needs to know that the readers are supporting it.

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