These folks are my eyes and ears on the ground. They hunt for Aquaman references and report sightings with regularity. Researchers earn shells for quantity and quality of reports. The more shells, the more useful the researcher has been to the page!

Aqua-Researchers 1st Class

Honorary Aqua-Researchers

Barry Anderson, Bill P, Mike, Chris, JC Santana, KreeCapt, "Arthur Curry"

Major Influences and Help

The people listed in this section are important to this page in many ways, from the founding of the page to the inclusion of information. Without the following people, this page would not be nearly as interesting as it is, if it existed at all.

Leah Adezio, Jerry Bails, Robert Beerbohm, John Bullough, Loki Carbis, Mike Carlin, Jarod Cates, John Coates, Nathan Chattaway, Daria, Zack DeLong, Steve De Young, Richard Duncan, Lynnae Dunham, Chris Eliopoulos, Michael Eury, Paige Gifford, Eric Gjovaag, Michael E. Grost, Andy Hamerlinck, Jeff Harvey, Wallace McBride, Scott McCullar, Lou Mougin, Ookla The Mok, Elayne Riggs, Dale J. Roberts, Joel Ruiz, Juan Santana, John Schwirian, Howard Shum, Bill Wormstedt, and Rodrigo Mariath Zeidan. The Grand Comics Database mailing list helped with virtually all the initial research and their information forms the backbone of this website.

This page would be nothing without the contributions others have made to it. I thank them for making this page an interesting place to visit, and hopefully an informative and useful one too.

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