Aquaman makes his debut on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Transcript: THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno
Date: September 15, 1995
Guest Appearance by Courtney Thorne-Smith (Allison on Melrose Place)
Discussion of Courtney's "Crush" on Aquaman
Transcribed by: Richard Duncan

Leno: My next guest can be seen every week on the wildly popular show, Melrose Place. Would you please welcome Courtney Thorne-Smith...
[Small talk about Smith's upcoming TV movie and her current boyfriend.]

Leno: ...Do you remember your first crush, by the way?

CTS: Yes. My first big crush?

Leno: Yeah.

CTS: Aquaman.

Leno: Aqua-- Aquaman? The comic?

CTS: Mm-hmm.

Leno: See, I knew that. See, let me show you the extent--how much I like you.

CTS: [Laughs]

Leno: See, I found out that you like Aquaman.

CTS: You did?

Leno: So I called around and said are there any Aquaman dolls available? And nobody had one, so they said, OK, call this antique place.

CTS: You know, I went to this swap meet and couldn't find...

Leno: Here is an Aquaman doll.

[He reaches backwards and produces an Aquaman action figure: about 8-9 inches tall, I would guess; plain orange shirt (no scales visible); green leotards; black trunks; wide yellow belt with upside-down "V" buckle; removable green, felt(?), above-the-elbow gloves. The foregoing is provided for you action figure aficionados.] (Editor's Note: This is apparently the Mego doll circa 1974)

CTS: [Pleased laughter]

Leno: Let me tell you the worst part about doing this. I called up. The guy said we got an Aquaman doll...

[At this point, Leno has not yet given Courtney the action figure.]

CTS: [Moans, reaching to grab the action figure from Leno]

Leno: No, I will give it to you, but I wanna tell you the back story on this.

CTS: All right.

Leno: [Here, Leno simulates a conversation with the store clerk] So I, myself, go to this little place over here in Glendale, to this place that sells these toys, and like an idiot, I go, "Hi, I'm Jay Leno from the Tonight Show. You know, I have this guest on, you know, Melrose Place." "Oh, yeah!" "Well, she's a big fan. I've been looking all over for one of these. Thanks for having one. How much is it?"

[Now he holds action figure up to show audience. "$90" flashes on the TV screen.]

"Ninety dollars"! You know, what an idiot! I paid ninety dollars!

[Audience laughs and applauds.] (Editor's Note: I paid $50 for mine)

CTS: It's so-o worth it. It's worth every penny.

Leno: This is the actual-- See, I figured the guy was gonna go, "Oh, Mr. Leno... [mumbles] OK, how much? Fifteen. Oh, who cares?" But he just looks at me and goes "Ninety." "What? What are you, nuts?" "If you want it - ninety." "But I need it for the show tonight." So here you go.

[Hands it to her.]

CTS: Thank you.

Leno: Oh, look his Aqua-thing fell off.

[Actually the right glove. Audience laughs.]

This is the actual one.

CTS: It is? Wow-w-w!

[Applause from audience.]

Leno: That's an antique.

CTS: See, isn't he handsome? Really?

Leno: Now why-why Aquaman? What would be the attraction?

CTS: He was the handsomest Super-Friend.

Leno: Really?

CTS: Yep.

Leno: Super-Friend? Like...?

CTS: Like, the Super-Friends. He could talk to the animals.

Leno: Oh, he could talk to the animals? [Is] that important?

CTS: Very good swimmer...

Leno: So if he was alone he could have a conversation with his dinner, while he was eating? [Pretends to be eating with knife and fork.] "So, how are ya?" So that's why you liked him, 'cause he could talk to animals.

CTS: [Laughing] Yes.

Leno: So what's happening on Melrose Place?...

[Courtney continues to pose Aquaman and adjust his gloves and costume as they talk about other things for a while.]

Leno: I personally will watch [the show] and you owe me ninety bucks.

CTS: Yeah, thanks Jay.

Leno: Thanks for being a good sport.

[Commercial break.]

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