Aquaman on CD-ROM

Well, says I, it's about time!

Inverse has done an amazingly good job taking the old campy Aquaman cartoons and turning them into a fun CD-ROM that, although is not as interactive as one could wish, is quite enjoyable nonetheless.

It took me a little over a half and hour to read through the whole thing, going as fast as I could, but it will take longer to go through and really take it all in. The CD-ROM features three episodes of the cartoon series, combined into one plot. In addition to the original voices and sound effects of the series, a new soundtrack has been added which accents the comic as you read it. When you click on a frame, you can never tell for sure what will happen. Usually, the dialog will be read aloud for you, but sometimes the click will trigger a video clip, or a funny bit of action on one of the character's faces. Occasionally a folder will be showing in a panel, and clicking on it will provide more detail into the plot.

Although I can't honestly recommend this CD-ROM to a sophisticated modern comic book audience, people with a sense of humor, or even just a little sense of fun, will enjoy it quite a bit. Aquaman completists ought to get it, too. The packaging is the exact shape and size of a comic book, so even if you never bother to read it (horrors!) it will fit right in your collection. If you've got a comic fan kid, don't hesitate. Get it.

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Following is the original Press Release for the Aquaman CD-Rom Comic from Inverse Ink:

News Release

Inverse Ink

Proudly Presents...

A cry for help goes out across the nation's airwaves at the sight of alien invaders. The world's most impregnable bank vault on the thirty-ninth floor of the Gotham Building is sucked dry. The Daily Planet's annual company baseball game is interrupted by a lower world creature seeking a new queen. The earth's oceans are threatened with extinction by a strange suction device. Who will save the world this time?

Superman: The Mysterious Mr. MistFormat: Windows and Macintosh
Batman: Partners in PerilCategory: CD-ROM Comic Book
Aquaman: War of the Water WorldsEstimated Street Price: $9.99 each
Superboy: Spies From Outer SpaceAvailability: Now!

September 11, 1996- Mountain View, CA.- Inverse Ink, a Division of TAO Research Corporation, today is proud to announce that it has begun shipping its new line of CD-ROM comic books with four titles starring DC Comics super heroes.

Now, a click of the mouse brings the characters to life as Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Superboy bring their adventures to animated computer comic books. Every panel of Inverse Ink's CD-ROM comics deliver multimedia action. Nearly half the panels reveal full motion animation. The remaining panels contain hotspots that, when clicked, reveal exciting hidden graphics and animation. Each unique interface is specialized according to the title's theme, and allows the user to be in control of narration, music and page destination.

Based on DC Comics' classic animated television series from the late 1960s, the new products have many cutting-edge features in addition to the animated panels. These features include an autoplay which allows the user to watch the story play completely through automatically. All new music, folders that provide plot clues and an overall updated nineties feel accentuate the already strong appeal of these super heroes to both comic and computer fans alike.

"We tried to make these titles as appealing as possible to all ages," says Dr. Lingtao Wang, president of Inverse Ink. "They are nostalgic because they are the classic characters, but these are new products in a new medium. We think anyone who likes comic characters and quality CD-ROMs will enjoy these comic book titles."

These new multimedia comic books have an expected retail price of $9.99 and are shipped in packaging that will look like a comic book. Inside, a hybrid CD-ROM supports both Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Macintosh 7.0 formats. This allows any particular disc to be played on most personal computer systems with a CD-ROM drive.

Superman: The Mysterious Mr. Mist.

For the first time ever, the mighty Superman will have his own CD-ROM comic book title, having already conquered the other media of our time. DC Comics' Vice President of Licensed Publishing Chantal d'Aulnis says, "It's a natural for Superman and Batman to thrive in the CD-ROM medium as they have in other innovations of the 20th century, from radio to TV to feature films."

In "The Mysterious Mr. Mist," the Man of Steel comes face to face with a menacing creature from the depths of the earth. Mr. Mist is drawn to the surface in pursuit of a new Queen for his people. His evil powers allow him to take the characteristics of the person whose clothing he inhabits, constantly terrorizing unsuspecting citizens of Metropolis. Will Superman save Lois Lane from the clutches of this evil creature? Will truth, justice and freedom prevail?

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938, Superman is the original comic book super hero. With an appeal that spans generations, he has loyal fans who always follow his escapades. The hit television show "Lois & Clark" regularly wins its time slot with over 22 million weekly viewers and is the #1 prime time drama for kids. The world's tallest and fastest roller coaster debuted this year under the theme "Superman: The Escape," and another Superman movie is in the works. Additionally, beginning this September, a new Superman animated series will be launched on the Kids WB! Network.

Batman: Partners in Peril.

Batman and Robin receive some crime-fighting help from Batgirl in "Partners in Peril." The threesome is up against the most dangerous villains that Gotham City has to offer. The Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler take part in a crime contest to determine who is the greatest criminal mind in Gotham City. Later, Catwoman tries to top them all with her plans. Can the masked crime-fighters once again divert catastrophe?

Batman, created by Bob Kane in 1939, is now the most widely recognized of all comic book characters and the favorite of millions. He enjoys nearly universal recognition in the U.S., with a popularity which is sky-high, from action figure toys to major motion pictures. Billions of dollars in Batman retail products were sold all over the globe in 1995 alone. His latest movie, "Batman Forever," was the top-grossing movie of 1995 and "Batman: The Animated Series" airs five days per week as "The Adventures of Batman and Robin."

Aquaman: War of the Water Worlds

 Known as "King of the Seven Seas," Aquaman and his sidekick, Aqualad, are up against Shag, evil lord of a deeper water world in "War of the Water Worlds." Shag and his alien allies are fighting for control of the world's oceans with such weapons as an alien sea serpent that grows to monstrous size and strength when unleashed in Earth's oceans. Later, an electronic brain scrambler is used upon the good earth sea creatures, and Aquaman must again save the day.

The Aquaman character is enjoying great popularity today. He first appeared in 1941 and still battles evil beneath the seas each month in his own comic book series. He can be seen in the successful "The Superman/Batman Adventures" TV series which more than doubled its ratings in its first month on the air as part of the USA Network's Cartoon Express. Aquaman is also part of the "Superfriends" TV series that will return to weekday broadcasts on the Cartoon Network this year and has his own Kenner action figure.

Superboy: Spies From Outer Space.

As the mild-mannered foster son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superboy, the 1960s version of the young Clark Kent, had many adventures fighting for the preservation of peace and the pursuit of truth. In "Spies from Outer Space," the people of Smallville are browbeaten when two strange visitors from another world use lightening bolts and other interesting weapons during their spree of extraterrestrial terror. Superboy comes to the rescue along with his trusty sidekick, Krypto the Superdog, to fight against the oncoming invasion of Earth. The dangerous aliens mount even more weapons, such as antigravity devices and giant magnifiers. A mysterious loss of Superboy's super powers adds to the danger. Can Superboy overcome all these challenges and save the planet?

Establishing a New Market

These titles mark the beginning of a new strategy for Inverse Ink. The company, which in the past produced titles one at a time, is now going to be shipping titles only in groups of four to establish and grow the CD-ROM comic book market.

"We are very proud to start this new era with the Superman and Batman characters," added Dr. Wang.

"The team we have in place has shown their creativity through these titles," says Executive Producer Greg Armanini of Inverse Ink. "There is something very appealing about the kind of software that makes you laugh, or feel nostalgic, or makes you think and enjoy the time you spend using it. Comics and cartoons have been doing that for decades, now we're offering a unique combination of both."

In the future, the company will be releasing many more titles with a combination of new and classic properties in an effort to offer something to everybody. Another group of four titles will be shipped before the holiday season.

Inverse Ink, a division of TAO Research Corporation, is a developer and publisher of multimedia comic books for Windows and Macintosh computers. The company brings comic books to life through a process that morphs comic art panels to live action video or animation. The products are available nationally through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants, as well as comic book stores.

DC Comics, based in New York City, is one of the world's leading comic book publishers, whose roster of world famous characters includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many others.

Superman: The Mysterious Mr. MistFormat: Windows and Macintosh
Batman: Partners in PerilCategory: CD-ROM Comic Book
Aquaman: War of the Water WorldsEstimated Street Price: $9.99 each
Superboy: Spies From Outer SpaceAvailability: Now!

Features Summary:

System Requirements: both formats on a single disc

Windows CD-ROM Macintosh CD-ROM
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 Mac II or higher recommended
IBM or 100% compatible 486/33 MHz required 8 MB RAM required
8 MB RAM required 2x CD-ROM drive
2x CD-ROM drive System 7.0 or higher
MS/PC DOS 5.0 or higher Quicktime 2.0
Super VGA display 256 colors, 32K recommended Mac 14" monitor w/256 colors
MPC compliant sound card, mouse Mouse

Superman, Batman, Superboy and Aquaman and all related elements are registered trademarks of DC Comics.

1996 All Rights Reserved.

Inverse Ink

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