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August 10th: I managed to get this image snuck off the set of the new Aquaman Movie, which is currently in pre-production. It's a little small, but this is apparently Vincent Chase and Mandy Moore doing a blue screen test.

July 16th: Vincent Chase and Mandy Moore officially announced the Aquaman Movie at the San Diego Comic-Con.

July 12th: A tipster reminds me that Vincent Chase had a small role in A Walk To Remember with Mandy Moore.

July 10th: Latest rumor mill has Mandy Moore playing Aquagirl in the movie. No, I'm not going to speculate on who Aquagirl really is. I didn't see enough of the script to know. I don't think it's Mera, but I think she could pull it off if it is.

July 3rd: Variety confirms that Vincent Chase has been picked for the role of Aquaman.

June 27th: Yes, it has been confirmed that James Cameron will be directing the as-yet-untitled Aquaman movie. While there is some question how well Cameron can get the concept of Aquaman onto the screen, there's also no doubt that his involvement makes this a high profile movie. There are currently rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio may want the part of Aquaman. While he physically fits the description of Aquaman better than Chase, we'll have to see which guy is picked.

June 23rd: I'm told that Vincent Chase may have the part of Aquaman. Chase has been in Head On and the upcoming Queens Boulevard, as well as a few other parts.

June 15th: I've just confirmed that Andrew Kevin Walker wrote the script, which I've seen part of. No, I can't share it with you. I didn't see enough to share anyway. I can tell you that the script uses the Modern Age origin of Aquaman with some Silver Age elements in the story itself. What I saw was traditional with a twist.

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