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Monday, September 01, 2008


Still in the process of moving, so work on this page is still at a complete stop until I can get settled. In the meantime, more links...

Sensor Sweep collects tidbits of Aqua-news.

Comics Should Be Good looks at Ramona Fradon.

Scipio reports that Black Manta is in the Escape from Arkham Heroclix set.

The Aquaman Shrine continues to amaze me, and make me jealous as all get-out.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #169 looks at the death of Aquaman, while Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #170 examines the delay of Peter David's run due to Dooley confusion.

The Superhero Times reviews the Tonner Aquaman Doll.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Lotsa Links

Scipio's prediction.

Aquaman at Six Flags.

More Comic Treadmill Aquaman indexing.

Aquaman Shrine:Men of the DCU Contest.

Japanese Aquaman design. More info here.

Aged Superheroes.

More Seaguy.

Starfish: masters of the undersea mountains.

How David Blaine Held His Breath. Not recommended for beginners.

Don't like the land? How about Sea Steading?

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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Mike Sterling agrees that Year One Aqualad is Ugly.

The Aquaman Shrine interviews J.M. DeMatteis.

The Comic Treadmill indexes more Aquaman stories. Yes, Ripples Through Time will return. Eventually.

Aqualad/Tempest HeroClix.

Super Friends coloring book.

A nice use for an old phone booth.

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Monday, November 19, 2007


365 Reasons to Love Comics #301.

Scipio praises the Aquaman Cartoon DVD. Which I still need to get. If finances weren't so tight, I'd already have it. Rob also weighs in.

Speaking of things I need to get, the latest HeroClix, including King Shark are on my wishlist.

Nostalgia Manila has "Tex Time" Aquaman cards. I also want these, but I don't expect to be able to find them or afford them when I do.

I always wondered if the Quaker Oats Cereal Quisp had anything at all to do with the Aquaman friend of the same name.

Aquaman gets ... um... ouch.

Top 10 Toy Aquaman. I want an Aqua-sub too.

Rob is Aquaman!

Oh dear. Aquaman Theater, Aquaman Theater 2, Aquaman Theater 3, Aquaman Theater 4, and Aquaman Theater 5.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

More Links

Dave Van Domelen includes a rant on Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #57.

The Comic Treadmill on Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #57.

Scipio on Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #57.

The Shrine reviews Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #57 and then Interviews Tad Williams.

Fish that can survive for months in a tree. Hmmm.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The Comic Treadmill on the Mera Backup Stories, the Death of Artie Jr and the rest of 1978.

Rob looks at a DC Super Heroes Activity Book and The Tonner Aquaman and Mera dolls. He also delves into the fantasy world of Surf and Turf, the non-existant Aquaman team-up book.

Scipio gets custom HeroClix. Follow the links to find cool custom Aquaman family HeroClix.

More studies are being done on tidal power, a source of energy I have great hopes for.

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Monday, August 27, 2007


Aquaman Shrine Interview with Jim Calafiore.

Mercy Reef HeroClix Map.

Curry Bear posts some new club dances named after superheroes, including an Aquaman one. If anyone has a better copy of that song, please let me know.

More on the JLA Movie Rumors, including the "news" that motion capture CGI will only be used for certain scenes, particularly underwater ones.

Marine Life Series: How Gills Work, Deep-Sea Anglerfish, The Blue Whale, and Tropical Strays, A Photo Essay.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

HeroClix Artie Joe

Artie Joe and King Shark are both in the new HeroClix DC expansion set. For gamers, that means you've got a couple more water-based characters to play with. For non-gamers, these make wonderful little statues (and are much cheaper and easier to display than the stuff from DC Direct).

Expansion Booster Boxes

Check out the nice artwork on the expansion booster boxes, which will include Artie Joe. And here's the Artie figure itself:

Artie Joe

And you can have King Shark play a villain, if you'd like:

King Shark

And while you're waiting for the expansion to come out, you can head on over to Scipio's place and print out a nice island map to use as a battleground. Add in some of Scipio's FishClix and you'll be set.

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Friday, August 03, 2007


Check out this 8-page story: Bizarro Aquaman by Amir Tikriti. Somebody hire this guy.

And be sure to check out Black Manta week on The Aquaman Shrine.

More Teen Titans Year One with fish Garth.

Shark Finning.

Glass Sponges.

Another coelacanth is caught, this time in shallow waters.

Speaking of strange catches...

And congrats to fellow Aquaman fan Scipio Garling for being turned into a Metropolis Police officer in the pages of Action Comics.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Aquaman on the Bubble

Scipio reports that if Aquaman sales don't go up a bit, the book will be canceled as of issue #57. I'll have more information as it comes in, but Scipio is NOT reporting that the book has been canceled, just that it's on the bubble. There might still be hope. Bring the sales up and write letters, and maybe we can save the book and give Tad Williams more time to finish out the current plotline.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Justice League Heroclix Expansion to include Aquaman. Assuming that all the folks on the booster boxes are in the set, that is.

Sub Diego Heroclix map. Go Scipio!

Breathing Underwater. I seem to recall hearing about this development some time ago, it looks like it's nearly ready to roll out.

Sensor Sweep may claim to be a blog about Star Trek fandom, but there's an awful lot of Aquaman content there, including lots of great Aquaman wallpapers. Go check it out.


Coral exposed when quake raises island ten feet. The coral reefs are dying, and it will take some time for new ones to form.

Tracking Walruses. Too bad they can't just have Aquaman ask Tusky.

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Friday, April 06, 2007


Grumpy Old Fan on OYL titles, including Aquaman.

Las Vegas Weekly on Novelists writing Comics.

DC Comics Presents #48 at the Aquaman Shrine. Also: Super Friends Coloring Book, Boxer Shorts.

The good ol' days: Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Have a Whale of a Day.

Mark's Marine Life Series: Baleen.

Haircare with Aquaman week: Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6.

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