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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Aquaman Student Film

Ok, the torrent has been a resounding failure so far, as the one person who managed to download it didn't bother to stick around and seed it, which defeats the purpose of a torrent completely. So let's try another method.

I've uploaded two versions of the file to my server. One is the raw Windows Media Video. The other is a RAR'ed archive of the same file. I recommend using your computer's "save as" option on the links, so you download it to your harddrive.

This is a pretty big download, so expect it to take awhile. If people have problems with it, I'll try to think of some other way to distribute it. Perhaps I'll also offer it in RAR'ed chunks that folks can download piecemeal then put back together. I don't know.

Please do NOT link directly to the video file. If you want to direct someone to it, link to either this entry, or to The Farr-Klein label on this website.

Also, if you would like a different format, other than wmv, please let me know and I'll try converting it.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Aquaman Student Film

I have a legal digital copy of the Aquaman Student Film from 1985 - "The Cast of the Angler". This film was produced with the permission of DC Comics by Thomas Farr and Jeff Klein. Both of them have gone on to bigger and better things, but this is not a bad effort for students on a $10,000 budget with virtually no crew.

Arthur, Intern, and Katy

This is the first effort at digitizing the film, and it's not perfect. Tom Farr has told me that he'll be trying to get an improved copy done from the original film sometime. However, if you've ever seen one of the "convention copies" that's floating around, you'll recognize that this is light years better than any of those copies.

Aquaman with Dolphin parents

The film is currently only available in windows media video format, though I may try to make it available in other formats soon if there is demand (please let me know in the comments if you want/need another format). The size is about 500MB.

Arthur Curry

To get this film, free and legal, please first try the torrent download. This is a new effort by me, but if you have any idea how to use torrents, try this first as it will save my bandwidth from dying rapidly. I will offer it ONLY through the torrent for at least a week, then I'll have some alternative options for people.


Please feel free to spread it around, either on other torrent listing sites or elsewhere, just direct people back to this website for more information on the film. Do NOT SELL this film, tell people they can get it here free. I will be adding more information about this film to this site as I get it, including what Farr and Klein are up to now, and anything else I can wring out of them about the film as well.


In any case, I'll have more up soon.