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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 127

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #203 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #203 (August 1954) - The Shark With The Human Brain!

When Shark Wilson escapes from prison, Aquaman is called in to help find him, but instead spends his time fighting a shark that looks a lot like Wilson.

Finny Friends Report: As usual, Aquaman rides his sea cow to the location. He has two octopi try to stop the shark, but it slips away. A swordfish fares no better. The shark calls in more sharks, which attack Aquaman. Aquaman escapes by riding a school of flying fish. He then dives deep and brings up giant boxing shrimp that battle the sharks. A giant blowfish then attacks the original shark, poisoning it.

Captured/Knocked Out report: Aquaman is surrounded by sharks, but just escapes.

Quotefile: Guard, "Don't jump, shark! Remember, the sand on the beach is believed to have magic powers that'll turn you into a fish!" Shark, "Ha, ha -- don't make me laugh! That's just a superstitious story to prevent convicts from breaking out!"

This is another story that leaves the reader wondering if Aquaman experienced magic. It doesn't say outright that the shark was Shark Wilson, but it certainly leaves it as a possibility. I like the end, when Aquaman talks to the readers and asks what they think happened.

For a long time, this was the earliest Aquaman story I had read, because it was one of the rare Aquaman stories that had been reprinted. Of course, in the reprint the colors were incorrect, as Aquaman's gloves appeared as green instead of yellow.

Have you read this story? What do you think?



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