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Monday, May 07, 2007

Counter-Aquamanifesto - A Nasty Rant

Whine whine whine. That's all I'm hearing from Aquaman fans right now. "Bring back the real Aquaman!" Whine. "I don't like change!" Whine. "Come on, DC, let the writers bring Aquaman back!" Whine.

Are any of you actually reading the book? I mean, really reading it? Has it completely escaped your notice that Orin, the original Aquaman, IS the focus of the book? Oh sure, the surface reading would indicate that Arthur Joseph is Aquaman... but look who MADE him into Aquaman. And look who was guiding him while trying to figure out reality for the whole length of the book so far. And who is the focal point, the only real force, in Atlantis? I'll give you a hint, it's not Artie Joe.

It was clear to me during Busiek's run that, while Arthur Joseph was being groomed to be another weapon for Aquaman, Orin was still the main character of the book. Arthur Joseph is not Aquaman... he's the sword of Atlantis. An extension of Aquaman.

And while Tad is not going in exactly the same direction, he's still holding on to the initial concept. Aquaman is still Aquaman. Arthur Joseph is a Sword, a weapon, and he is not and will never truly be Aquaman (though he will always be AN aquaman).

I know for a fact that Kurt never intended for Arthur Joseph to completely replace Orin. I talked enough with Tad about the subject that I have great confidence in what he's doing as well. I can't understand this utter disrespect for these writers, who are professionals in every way and know exactly what they are doing (with the blessing of the editors, not as the editors' slaves).

C'mon people, LET THE FREAKIN' STORY PLAY OUT!!! STOP WHINING THAT THINGS AREN'T PERFECT NOW! Has it ever occurred to any of you folks that maybe there is a story to be told here, and that if you WAIT UNTIL THE END, maybe you'll get all you want? I know, decompression in storytelling has made waiting for the end of a tale difficult... but good grief, people. You act like you all want to go back to the Silver Age RIGHT NOW. It's not going to happen. The story is going to take some time to tell. If you want Silver Age Aquaman, go buy the Showcase volume and stop whining.

And, frankly, I'm really enjoying this book. Perhaps that's because, unlike the whiners, I fully expect Orin to be Aquaman again eventually. Perhaps my tiny bit of possibly misunderstood inside information has made me immune to the fear. Perhaps it's because I've seen Orin as the focus of the book all along, despite the apparent change in main characters. I don't know, but I really like the book, and for the first time in ages I'm extremely interested in seeing what happens next.

And part of that is because you can't have a good story without conflict, and THIS conflict is finally something more interesting than yet another battle with Black Manta. The conflict of being. The conflict of identity. I'm thrilled with it. And I'm disappointed that so many fans aren't reading the same story I am. And I'm really disappointed that so many fans seem to think that the writers don't know what they are writing. That's the worst insult of all, and the whole reason behind this rant.

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