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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aquaman #51/WWIII - Initial Thoughts

Aquaman 51:

I love the cover. Love it. I wanna see lots more covers with that much style. The colors are just wonderful.


Is it just me, or has McManus elogated faces even more in this issue? Still, good artwork overall.

Justice League cameo!

The interior coloring seems ragged. Especially Arthur's eyes. What's up with that? Printing error?

Who is the mysterious Narwhal? Hmmmm.

Lorena's back! Yay!

World War III:

Um. That's it? That's the whole reason? Wait... we don't know how he lost his memory yet. And he was in 52 Week 39 looking a LOT different than he did in this mini. Where are the continuity cops when you need them?

How did Lorena help against Black Adam, eh?



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