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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Who's Number One?

My Title Has Been Stolen!

Aquaman Plush from The Toy Factory
By none other than Rob! of the Aquaman Shrine, who only got the nod because he self-described himself as "#1 Aquaman Fan In The World". *sigh* I suppose telling them that there's another Aquaman fan would have been too much for the Entertainment Weekly folks to believe...

I'm almost tempted to start a feud in the pages of the magazine, but I have to admit to myself that Rob has a lot more Aquaman merchandise than I do since I'm far more a scholar than a collector. He's probably spent more on his collection than I have on mine, since I've concentrated on the books and stories over the toys.

Of course, I say that then link to The Toy Factory, whom Rob recently featured on his page, because I REALLY WANT that Aquaman plush doll, but I suspect I'll never find a way to get my hands on one. *sob* First my title, then my toy... *sob*

Moving on, who wants to see this frilled shark show up in an Aquaman adventure someday? Show of hands? Maybe along with that Blue Ringed Octopus, the walking shark, or fuzzy lobster...

Frilled Shark

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