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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aquatic Ravings

Ah, Aquaman in an Aquatic Dilemma, via DC Forum.

There is a Frappr Map for Aquaman fans, so feel free to point out where you live. Sadly, Atlantis, Cerdia, and New Venice don't show up on the map.

I'm already thinking of starting CARP, The Committee for Arthur's Return to Power. I don't intend to become a member, but folks who are irritated with the change can join and be known as CARPers. Anyone think I ought to start a page for it, or is that going too far?

Speaking of going too far, Sleep Is For Suckers laments the CARPings of Scipio at Absorbascon. But there's a beautiful "haiku" posted in the comments there:
Only one sketch and
Hello knee: meet jerk!
Lovely! My own attempt was abandoned for being too silly. And this one can be re-used the next time there's a project fans get irritated with!

Ted Noodleman Sea Monkey page with Aqua-Ted-Monkey.


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