With Tad Williams taking over Aquaman, I'm presuming that a number of people who are Tad Williams fans will be reading the book for the first time. This page is an attempt to explain the current cast of the book... which characters are new and which have shown up before, so that new readers can more easily enjoy the story.

SPOILERS!!!!! There will be spoilers for the current issue of Aquaman ahead, please read the book first!

Characters in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #50 - in order of appearance:

Places/Groups important to understanding Sword of Atlantis.

Recent Events in Atlantis

It's horrible to be an Atlantean! Through the past few years there have been some awful events to deal with. It's a wonder the entire populace isn't utterly insane!

There aren't any good starting points to describe the woes of the Atlantean people, so let's just start with their general background. The city was sunk in the time of the historical Orin, as seen in The Atlantis Chronicles. The survivors developed into an insular and xenophobic race that nonetheless managed to colonize a good portion of the ocean floor.

Not too many years ago, as the time flows, earthquakes made the city too dangerous to live in, and the people fled Poseidonis. Led by Aquaman's son Koryak, they went to their sister city, Tritonis, and asked for access to the tunnels, which was only granted under duress. Unfortunately, in the tunnels they found an ancient Atlantean nightmare who enslaved them, then conquered the Tritonians. After the nightmare was vanquished by Aquaman, the people of Poseidonis were forced to rebuild Tritonis, then serve the Tritonians as long as their king felt was needed to pay back for helping conquer them.

In the meantime, the city of Poseidonis itself rose from the ocean floor on the back of the meteor that originally sunk the continent. It turned out to be a giant ancient alien ship, and with it Aquaman was able to fly the entire city around. The people eventually returned to the city, with Aquaman now firmly in control. After a time as "surface dwellers" living in the floating city of Poseidonis, complete with tourists, the city was sunk again when an attack by the god Triton destroyed the ship.

After Aquaman got back in control, there was peace for a bit until an attack by the island nation of Cerdia leveled much of the city. An all-out war between Atlantis and Cerdia resulted in Atlantis annexing Cerdia as part of their territory.

Then came the Imperiex attacks. Atlantis was threatened, so Aquaman and Tempest used a fallback plan they had prepared to send the city back in time to a golden age in Atlantis' history where the people could recover then return. The spell went wrong, however, as the golden age wasn't. The people of Atlantis spent 15 years in their own history, working as slaves for their ancestors.

They were freed when the Justice League went through time to sort out the mystery of the missing city. As they left the past, Aquaman sank Atlantis again, which made him a criminal to his own people. They sentenced Aquaman to die, then used magics they had gleaned from their ancestor captors to rebuild the city. Those Atlanteans who had journeyed to the past were more likely to use magic than they had previously. This would be their downfall.

During yet another worldwide crisis, the Spectre crossed the world collecting and destroying all magic. The sorcerors of Atlantis brought the wrath of the Spectre down on the city, and he destroyed it. Vulko and Koryak (Aquaman's son) were killed in the attack, Dolphin and Ian (Tempest's wife and son) vanished. Many of the citizens went to Sub Diego to try to pick up the pieces of their lives there.

When Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis started one year after the destruction of the city, Mera was back and acting as ruler to the scattered remains of the Atlantean people, trying to pull back enough of the ocean's strength to make the city rise again.

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