Aquaman Who's Who

The goal of this page is to give a simple list of who is who in Aquaman's corner of the universe. Many characters have more than one name, and might be listed more than once. Some characters have changed or have been retconned out. Many made only one appearance. This is a work in progress.

Where's Where In Aquaman

Name 1st app with Aquaman Description of character
Ahk-Orrd Aquaman #24 (1994) Hunter/Gatherer leader trying to peacefully conquer Earth.
AJ Aquaman #7 (1991) Mera's second son, probably Aquaman's son. Born in the dimension of Thanatos, cannot live in Aquaman's dimension without rapidly aging.
Albart of Ancinor Atlantis Chronicles #1 First Keeper of the Chronicles, follower of Shalako, also known as Albart-Son-of-Yarrow. Committed suicide.
Aliena Aquaman #39 (1962) An energy being who is sent by Venusians to kill Aquaman.
Alloroc Atlantis Chronicles #1 Richest man in Atlantis during the time of Orin [1], father of Bazil.
Alpha Colony Aquaman #30 (1962) An ocean colony of air breathers supported by the Atlanteans but destroyed by Mongo.
Amoeboids DC Special #28 Living oil creatures that devoir everything in their path.
Amos, Mr. Adventure Comics #462 Head of Universal Food Products.
Amphitrite Action Comics #518 Aquaman's mother who became a villain. See also Curry, Atlanna.
Animal Man Aquaman #35 (1994) Buddy Baker, a man able to mimic the abilities of animals.
Anunnake Aquaman #24 (1994) Lizard creatures who defeated the Hunter/Gatherers and now are trying to retake all HG colonies. Tiamat is an Anunnake.
Arion ? Atlantean Demi-god, left Atlantis during the Great Migration when part of Atlantis sank.
Armadillo Men Aquaman #22 (1962) People enslaved by Kandor, who later revolt.
Artie Jr. Aquaman #23 (1962) See Arthur Curry [3].
Asha Aquaman #44 (1994) A dolphin friend of Aquaman.
Aquababy Aquaman #23 (1962) See Arthur Curry [3].
Aquabeast Aquaman #34 (1962) See Peter Dudley.
Aquacave Adventure Comics #270 Aquaman's home away from home, where he flees to when he's exiled from Atlantis by Karshon. Contains all his personal stuff, including copies of the Atlantis Chronicles and his own diary.
Aquagirl [1] Adventure Comics #266 A woman named Lisa Morel, who has purple eyes and believes she has the abilities of Aquaman. Her abilites wear off suddenly.
Aquagirl [2] World's Finest #133 An Atlantean girl named Selena who is trying to get an Atlantean boy to notice her by becoming Aquaman sidekick.
Aquagirl [3] Aquaman #33 (1962) See Tula.
Aqualad Adventure Comics #269 See also Garth. Heroic nickname from Garth's youth. Companion and sidekick of Aquaman.
Aquaman [1] More Fun #73 Water-based hero, son of an American scientist who discovered sunken Atlantis and was able to perform an operation on his son allowing him to live under the water.
Aquaman [2] Adventure Comics #260 Water-based hero also known as Arthur Curry. Son of Tom Curry and Atlanna, an exile from Atlantis. Has telepathic powers, and a half-brother named Orm.
Aquaman [3] The Legend of Aquaman Water-based hero also known as Arthur Curry and Orin. Son of Atlan the Wizard and Atlanna the Queen of Poseidonis. Was abandoned as a child on Mercy Reef. Has telepathic powers.
Atlan Atlantis Chronicles #5 Second son of Honsu. Discovered the surface, became a great wizard. Fathered Orin and Orm. Lived a very long time thanks to magical potions.
Atlanna Atlantis Chronicles #7 Queen of Poseidonis, Wife of Trevis, Mother of Aquaman. Seduced by Atlan in a dream. Died in prison under the Shalakites' rule. See also Curry, Atlanna.
Atlantis ? The continent of Atlantis, sank partially during the Great Migration, then completely after being hit by a meteorite.
Atlena World's Finest Comics #262 An Atlantean scientist who tried to shift Atlantis into a limbo-world. Aquaman's aunt (Atlanna Curry's sister).
Atom Action Comics #530 A scientist and superhero who helps Aquaman develop his powers.
Attucka Aquaman #25 (1962) Four-armed warrior once in the service of Genghis Khan and kept alive by Tamerkhan.
Awesome Threesome Aquaman #36 (1962) A trio of bad-guys: Torpedo-Man, Magneto, and Claw.
Baker, Buddy Aquaman #35 (1994) See Animal Man.
Baker, Maxine Aquaman #35 (1994) Animal Man's daughter.
Basilia Aquaman #22 (1994) A floating city guarded by the unfortunately named Spought.
Bazil Atlantis Chronicles #1 Son of Alloroc, destined to marry Cora. A warlord of Poseidonis later in life.
Beaki Aquaman #2 (1991) Mother of Marin. Demands that Aquaman not let her daughter's sacrifice go in vain.
Bean, Captain Detective Comics #299 A retired sea captain who likes to spin yarns about how he used to help Aquaman.
Beard, Doctor Cyrus Aquaman #12 (1962) Doctor who creates a device that turns land animals into water-breathers.
Berra Adventure Comics #455 Garth's mother. Exiled from Shayeris due to the threat of her child freeing the evil Slizzath.
Biggle Aquaman #45 (1994) Magic Fish, servant of Atlan. Helps Charnox put Atlan in a magic bag.
Black, Harry Detective Comics #294 Modern pirate who uses fish robots against Aquaman.
Black Jack, Captain ? Modern pirate, nemesis of Aquaman throughout the Golden Age.
Black Manta Aquaman #35 (1962) Mortal enemy of Aquaman, killer of his son. Originally intended to establish a homeland for outcasts underwater, but later lost his motives due to pure greed.
Blake, Johnny Adventure Comics #220 Former Navy pilot and expert swimmer who developed a phobia of water after being shot down. Aquaman helps him cure his phobia.
Blake, Tom World's Finest Comics #139 Member of the Daredevils' Club, Wally Welky's cousin.
Blodgett, Phineas More Fun #98 An inventor who believes he can extract gold from sea water.
Blubber Man Aquaman #27 (1962) An alien from Jupiter who is captured by Xen for his intergalactic aquarium.
Boduhr Aquaman #28 (1962) A water-breathing gorrila who assists Dr. Starbuck in taking over Atlantis.
Boretski, Paul Aquaman #27 (1994) Member of US consul in Japan, who tries to prevent Aquaman from starting a war.
Bradley, Captain Aquaman #28 (1962) An old friend of Aquaman, has a shell that can summon Aquaman.
Bragg Adventure Comics #272 See Human Flying Fish.
Brant, Professor Aquaman #21 (1962) Inventor who creates a quick growth serum, but is killed by the Fisherman's thugs.
Bres Aquaman #1 (1986) Sister of Nuada Silverhand, tried to overthrow Nuada to rule Thierna Na Oge.
Brian Aquaman Annual #3 An intelligent thug who works for a toy company.
Britton-Son-of-Cole Atlantis Chronicles #2 Second Keeper of the Chronicles, Nephew of Albart, the first Keeper.
Bugala Aquaman #44 (1962) Monster that Aqualad is forced to fight to save a dying race of people. He later battles a robot Bugala.
Burke, Captain Aquaman #29 (1962) Rescued Aquaman and Aqualad from the Ocean Master.
Carmel, Todd (Doctor) Action Comics #536 A S.T.A.R. labs scientist researching Aquaman's powers.
Castaigne Adventure Comics #168 Saboteur employee of Captain Rogers, tries to stop the S.S. Cathay.
Cave of Death ? A cave from which no living thing returns.
Cerberus Aquaman #46 (1994) The three-headed guardian of the gates of Hades.
Cerne Aquaman #43 (1994) A Millennium Giant who destroys Thierna Na Oge. Aquaman almost manages to communicate with it.
Charnox Aquaman #45 (1994) Magic Fish, servant of Atlan. Helps Biggle put Atlan in a magic bag.
Charon Aquaman #46 (1994) The Ferryman on the river Styx. Aquaman tosses him into the river and runs him over with his own boat.
Charybdis Aquaman #1 (1994) A villain who steals Aquaman's powers and is reponsible for the loss of Aquaman's hand.
Chubb Aquaman #0 (1994) Poseidonian child spared execution by Aquaman.
Claw Aquaman #36 (1962) A member of the Awesome Threesome.
Claw, Captain World's Finest Comics #125 A pirate who tries to kill Aqualad.
Clay, Captain Aquaman #7 (1962) A sea raider who poses as a horticulturist to fool Quisp into helping him.
Cleary, Captain Matt Adventure Comics #168 Captain of the S.S. Cathay. Aquaman helps him win an important shipping contract despite Captain Rogers cheating.
Cook, John Showcase #31 A thief who steals a device that controls fish.
Coombs, Jed Showcase #32 A criminal who steals a treasure so he can become the Creature King of the seas.
Cora Atlantis Chronicles #1 Daughter of Orin and Narmea, born early because of Dardanus's magical intervention. Mother of Fiona and Kordax.
Corona Aquaman #7 (1994) See also Kako. Fire Elemental created out of Kako's death.
Crane, Captain Aquaman #9 (1962) An old friend of Aquaman's obsessed with finding the entrance to the kingdom of King Neptune.
Crastinus ? See Shayeris.
Creature King Showcase #32 The criminal Jed Coombs, transformed into a powerful sea creature.
Cron One-Eye Time and Tide #1 A shark that Aquaman injured as a child. Stood watch at the Old One's death, became human during The Shark's second takeover of Poseidonis.
Crusader Aquaman #56 (1962) A Detriot super-hero who puts up a satellite to provide daylight to the city at night, which also happens to cause environmental disaster.
Cupid Aquaman Annual #1 A god of love, helped Aquaman and Mera fall in love in order to spite Poseidon.
Curry, Arthur [1] The Legend of Aquaman See also Curry, Tom. Originally Tom Curry, name was changed to Arthur in The Legend of Aquaman. Was a lighthouse keeper who helped raise Aquaman and taught him English.
Curry, Arthur [2] More Fun #73 See also Aquaman. Aquaman's surfacer name. Given to him by his human "father", the lighthouse keeper.
Curry, Arthur [3] Aquaman #23 (1962) Aquaman and Mera's first son. Commonly known as Artie Jr. Killed by Black Manta.
Curry, Atlanna Adventure Comics #260 Aquaman's mother, wife of Tom Curry. An Atlantean exile. Later revealed to be a survivor of the first sinking, almost immortal.
Curry, Orm Aquaman #29 (1962) See also Ocean Master. Silver Age version of Aquaman's half brother. Always trying to outdo his powered brother, constantly in trouble. Lost his memory and became Ocean Master.
Curry, Tom Adventure Comics #260 See also Curry, Arthur [1]. The original Silver Age name of Arthur Curry [1]. Tom was Aquaman's true father according to the Silver Age origin. Also the father of Orm Curry (Ocean Master).
Curtis, Roger Adventure Comics #241 A circus performer who needs to train four dangerous fish to inherit the circus.
Cuttle, Captain Adventure Comics #242 A crook who tries to steal treasure Aquaman was turning over to charity.
Cybernetic Entity Aquaman #15 (1994) The entity in control of the ship beneath Poseidonis, Aquaman uses the Martian Manhunter to force the entity to obey his will. The entity was apparently destroyed by Triton.
Dan Atlantis Chronicles #3 Tritonian boy who helps save Bazil and Co during the Shark Hunt.
Danton, Doctor Adventure Comics #258 A scientist who owns a whale, sawfish, octopus and electric eel, and dabbles in nuclear technology.
Dardan Aquaman #11 (1994) Shalakite priest later killed by Triton.
Dardanus Atlantis Chronicles #1 Youngest child of Shalako, son of Loma. Father of Kordax. Told his people that his father Shalako had cursed them in revenge for his mother's murder.
Daredevils' Club World's Finest Comics #139 A group that put on an undersea treasure hunt.
Dark Gods Atlantis Chronicles #1 The gods to which Shalako turns when he realizes Suula has forsaken him.
Darson, Phil Aquaman #43 (1962) Surfacer, amateur explorer. Rescues Aquaman in the land of the giants. Later is killed blowing up polluting factories.
Davidson, Professor Aquaman #49 (1962) A scientist who discovers the factories are causing fish to go mad. Aqualad and Aquaman think he is a saboteur, but are later proven wrong.
Deadline Aquaman #9 (1994) An assassin hired by King Thesily to kill Aquaman.
Deadman Aquaman #50 (1962) A dead man who jolts Ocean Master's memory enough to remind him that he's Aquaman's brother.
Deep Blue Aquaman #23 (1994) Daughter of Tsunami and (possibly) Neptune Perkins.
Deep Six Aquaman #6 (1994) Evil group, minions of Darkseid, trying to turn Earth's new fire elemental evil. The members are: Jaffar, Gole, Slig, Trok, Shaligo, and Pyron.
Deering, Doctor Aquaman #15 (1962) Inventor who creates a machine to scavenge the ocean floor, but accidently turns himself into a water breather and goes mad.
Deeter, Lt Jason Adventure Comics #245 A disguised policeman who helps Aquaman nab some thieves.
Delphius Oracle Action Comics #519 An ancient oracle who proclaimed that a savior would come. Atlena was a priestess of the oracle.
Demo, Captain Adventure Comics #441 Pirate who tries to take over Atlantis by planting bombs around the city.
Demon Gate Aquaman #26 (1996) Japanese villain who kills Porm in revenge. See also Tanaka, Captain Kimon
Demonoids Aquaman #34 (1962) Inhabitants of the forgotten place, sinister androids who stun people.
The Depths Aquaman #41 (1962) A dangerous underwater tunnel that Aquaman uses as a short-cut to the Maarzon colony. Inhabited by telepathic fish and strange people living symbiotically with monsters.
Depuis, Captain Aquaman #14 (1994) An airline pilot whose inexperience led to the death of Thanatos, set up by Major Disaster's Neron-enhanced powers.
Derea Aquaman #11 (1991) Peli the sea serpent's person. From Thierna Na Oge.
Detox Adventure Comics #464 Stavros Markos' ship.
Dex Aquaman #47 (1962) Mupo's second-in-command during the revolution against Narkran. His impatience nearly gets Tula killed.
Diana Aquaman Annual #1 See Wonder Woman.
Diancecht Aquaman #2 (1986) Friend of Nuada Silverhand.
Dillon, T.N.T. Adventure Comics #226 Villain who tries to blow up Aquaman.
Disaster, Major ? See Major Disaster.
Doc Adventure Comics #257 Criminal surgeon who turns Hadley into an imitation Aquaman.
Doctor Light World's Finest Comics #264 A Justice League villain who tried to kill Aquaman.
Doctor Polaris Aquaman #40 (1994) See Polaris, Doctor.
Dolphin Aquaman #1 (1994) A water-breather who's abilities are stolen by Charybdis. She later shoots Charybdis. Is being controlled by Kordax. Falls in love with Aquaman, then with Tempest.
Dona Atlantis Chronicles #5 Friend and companion of Haumond.
Dorsal, Doctor Aquaman #33 (1962) A water-breather from another dimension with a two-headed eel that hypnotizes people.
Dreaming City Aquaman #18 (1994) A city in the Himalayas that became Ocean Master's domain. Atlantean descendants, killed by Ocean Master in a fit of madness and anger.
Drin Time and Tide #2 Aquaman's dolphin brother, critically injured by ship propellers after leaping too high. Aquaman took the harpoon the sailors would've finished him with.
Dudley, Peter Aquaman #34 (1962) A rich playboy who wants to become Aquaman after meeting Mera. The operation fails and turns him into Aquabeast. He later apparently dies saving Mera from Hammuri.
Duff, Baldy More Fun #98 A thug who works for "Steal-A-Million" Sponsler.
Duncan Atlantis Chronicles #7 King of Tritonis during the reign of Trevis.
Dungeon Depths Aquaman #19 (1962) An underwater prison, a pit from which nothing ever emerges.
Durham, Cal Adventure Comics #452 Originally one of Black Manta's troopers, turned and helped Aquaman defeat Manta. Had the first of Manta's experimental gill implants, and no longer can live out of water.
Eel Man Aquaman #27 (1962) An alien from Pluto, captured by Xen for his intergalactic aquarium.
Eldfur Aquaman #43 (1962) A dying race of purple people who make Aqualad fight the Bugala to save them.
Electric Man Adventure Comics #254 See also Pinto, Roy. A criminal immune to electric shock who supercharged himself so no one could touch him.
Elementals Aquaman #60 (1962) Guardians of Xebel's healing device in Mera's dimension.
Enlil Flash #66 An ancient king whose power lives on in the form of his crown, which, if worn, will control the wearer.
Eros Aquaman Annual #1 See Cupid.
Eryx Aquaman Annual #1 Brother of Cupid (Eros), helped Aquaman and Mera fall in love in order to spite Poseidon.
F'ancha, Minister Aquaman #1 (1991) Started the war with Oumland by attacking an Oumlandian ship. Would've been revealed as Ocean Master had the 1991 series continued.
Fatima Atlantis Chronicles #5 Eldest child of Fiona and Regin.
Fiona Atlantis Chronicles #4 Bazil and Cora's Daughter, heir to the throne.
Fire Trolls Aquaman #1 (1962) Underwater lava beings who invade Aquaman's realm through a volcano.
Firtf Aquaman #3 (1991) King of Tritonis during the Oumland crisis. Overthrown by Iqula, who also put him on the throne originally.
Fisherman Aquaman #21 (1962) Wierd dude without any eyes.
Flarer, Duke More Fun #99 A mechanical genius who creates a volcano as a hideaway from police.
Flood, Jim Adventure Comics #280 Star of TV show "Sea Chase" who gets the bends.
Flood, Ted Adventure Comics #280 Star of TV show "Sea Chase" who gets the bends.
Fluorescent Water Man Aquaman #27 (1962) An alien from Mercury, captured by Xen for his intergalactic aquarium.
Fontaine Aquaman #38 (1994) Partner of Stasy Russell in her publicity firm.
Forrest, Horace Adventure Comics #241 A lawyer who wants to prevent Roger Curtis from inheriting a circus, so the circus will go to him instead.
Gamesman Aquaman #35 (1994) Hunter who goes after super-heroes, like Animal Man. Aquaman helps take him out.
Gana Atlantis Chronicles #5 Wife of Kalunga. Claimed to have come from the surface.
Gantz, Linda Aquaman #38 (1994) Wife of Sam Gantz, ran off with yoga instructor named Bob. Both were killed by Rhombus.
Gantz, Sam Aquaman #38 (1994) Man killed by Rhombus' meteorite while sitting in traffic.
Garth Adventure Comics #269 See also Aqualad and Tempest [1]. The exiled prince of Shayeris (the Hidden Valley). Has purple eyes and sorcery-based powers. Mother is Berra, father is Thar.
Gilary, Captain Adventure Comics #460 Coast Guard captain who calls in Aquaman to deal with whale hunting outside his jurisdiction.
Gole Aquaman #6 (1994) Member of the Deep Six.
Goo-Goo Eyes More Fun #99 Deep sea fish friend of Aquaman.
Green Lantern Brave and the Bold #28 Heroic mantle passed down, Aquaman was on the Justice League with Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner.
Grifid Aquaman #31 (1994) A whale-shark who is killed by Aquaman in his mutated form.
The Grotto Showcase '96 #1 Place where Atlan takes Garth after he dies, and where Garth is trained to use his powers.
Guardian of Hy-Brasil Aquaman #17 (1994) Half-manta creature that is the leader of Hy-Brasil.
Gulacia Atlantis Chronicles #3 Flirtatious woman who had an affair with Orin.
Gulf of Terrors Aquaman #23 (1962) Home of Sirens, Aquaman had to cross this territory to save Mera and Artie Jr.
Gyro-Moleculizer Aquaman #36 (1962) A device that makes people weightless.
Hadley Adventure Comics #257 A crook who gets all Aquaman's abilities after undergoing and operation.
Hades Aquaman #46 (1994) Lord of the Underworld. Frees Poseidon at Aquaman's behest. Aquaman owes hima favor.
Ha-Foth Tritos Aquaman 1000000 (1994) Leader of Jupiter in the 853rd Century.
Hale, Jim Adventure Comics #279 A boy who takes a sailboat out for a day at sea without permission, with his buddies Eddie, Roy, and Tom.
Hammuri Aquaman #34 (1962) An alien who crashed on Earth and survived in the forgotten place due to the magnetic field there. Creator of the Demonoids. Apparently killed by Peter Dudley as Aquabeast.
Harlanson, Eliot Aquaman #53 (1962) A millionaire Californian convinced by O.G.R.E. agents to bomb Atlantis. Yes, the name is based on Harlan Ellison.
Harte, Captain Adventure Comics #268 A captain who became blind, and didn't believe Aquaman really existed.
Haskel, Commander Adventure Comics #260 Submarine commander to whom Aquaman relates his origin in order to prevent him from accidently bombing Atlantis.
Hassen, Harry Aquaman Annual #3 Owner of a toy company that makes toys based on Tusky the Walrus.
Haumond Atlantis Chronicles #5 Third son of Honsu. Killed his brother to end a war, then went into voluntary exile.
Helga Adventure Comics #465 A descendant of Nazis living in the Antarctic who can breathe underwater for short periods of time.
Helois Atlantis Chronicles #5 Chronicler of Atlantis during the time of Honsu.
Hexapi Action Comics #527 The sea dwellers on the planet Vortuma.
Hidden Valley ? See Shayeris.
Higgins, Jerry Adventure Comics #150 Teen who runs away to sea only to join the crew of Captain Black Jack. Rescued by Aquaman.
High Seer of Hy-Brasil Aquaman #18 (1994) A telepath who interrogates Dolphin and is killed by her.
Hila Aquaman #22 (1962) Mera's twin sister, troublemaker. Gets into trouble with Kandor.
Honsu Atlantis Chronicles #5 Descendant of Manu. King of Atlantis. Attempted to conquer the surface world during his reign. Father of Kraken, Haumond, and Atlan. Grandfather of Aquaman.
Horgan, General Adventure Comics #442 Hot-headed NATO commander who dislikes Aquaman but can't seem to keep away from his adventures.
Horrkas Aquaman #23 (1962) Undersea apes who are defeated by Aquababy (Artie Jr.).
Horval, Bart Adventure Comics #277 A salvage expert who spies on Aquaman to see if he can find anything to make a profit with.
Huff, Lawrence Aquaman #42 (1994) The Sea Wolf's identity when Aquaman first meets him.
Human Flying Fish Adventure Comics #272 A villain who can survive underwater, swim at a great speed, and fly through the air for short distances. Real name is Bragg.
Hunter/Gatherers Aquaman #22 (1994) Owners of the meteorite/ship that sank Atlantis. Laid waste to Earth, then colonized it. They were conquered by the Anunnake, and now are helping the Anunnake retake all the colony worlds.
Huntress Aquaman #26 (1962) O.G.R.E. agent who works with Typhoon on Operation Lost Island. Later helps Aquaman.
Hy-Brasil Aquaman #17 (1994) A city of Manta-like people who are guarded by their king.
Iceberg Head The Ice Age An evil ice creature determined to freeze Atlantis. Distracted by Cup Cakes.
Illya Atlantis Chronicles #3 The Third Keeper of the Chronicles, younger sister of Britton, One of Bazil's friends involved in the Shark Hunt.
Imp Aquaman #20 (1962) Aqualad's seahorse.
Iqula (Iquila) Aquaman #3 (1991) A lord of Tritonis. Overthrows King Firtf and becomes ruler. Nearly killed by Kordax and Koryak. Husband of Lady S'ona.
Jaffar Aquaman #6 (1994) Member of the Deep Six.
Jared Aquaman #1 (1988) Resistance leader against the jellyfish attackers.
Jarsen Adventure Comics #444 Aquaman's Chief of Security when he was King. Supported Karshon because of the law.
Jeffers Detective Comics #300 A thief who tricks Aquaman into assisting him.
Jones, Claudia Aquaman #14 (1994) See Rasmussen, Claudia.
Jory, Admiral Aquaman #5 (1994) A Hawaiian-based Navy Admiral who helps cover up for Admiral Strom.
Jurgin Adventure Comics #444 One of Ocean Master's thugs.
Justice League Brave and the Bold #28 An organization that Aquaman participated in, whose membership is constantly changing. Aquaman is generally familiar with members of the League.
Juvor Aquaman #18 (1962) King of Atlantis before Aquaman. Dies and causes a crisis which is averted by the crowning of Aquaman.
Ka'arl Aquaman #39 (1962) Evil Venusian who tries to use Aliena to kill Aquaman. Is killed by Uritrium.
Kako Aquaman #5 (1994) Inupiat living in a remote Alaskan village, mother of Koryak. Later became the Fire Elemental Corona.
Kaladro Atlantis Chronicles #7 Priest of Shalako, leads the revolution to overthrow science in Poseidonis after Trevis's suicide.
Kaltor Aquaman #20 (1962) The first Atlantean Aquaman ever met, who trained him to live in the oceans. A gas makes him turn into a monster until Aquaman kills the monster, at which point Kaltor reverts to normal.
Kalu Aquaman #39 (1994) A Hawaiian tourist who came to Poseidonis and really enjoyed meeting the guys.
Kalunga Atlantis Chronicles #5 Child of Fiona and Regin, considered an imbecile, might have suffered from hydrophobia.
Kandor Aquaman #22 (1962) An exile from Mera's world who loves Hila.
Karla Aquaman #24 (1962) A woman who's hair became a flame in an industrial accident. She can burn through Mera's hard water shields.
Karshon Adventure Comics #444 The Shark in disguise, takes over Atlantis by causing dissent among the council.
Kates, Horace Adventure Comics #267 See Wizard, The.
Keerg Aquaman #4 (1991) A friend of Aquaman.
Kelp, Colonel Twinkies and Kelp Surfacer determined to introduce Aquaman and Atlantis to Hostess Twinkies.
Kelt Aquaman #16 (1994) Dolphin who is a friend of Dolphin.
Kirk Aquaman #12 (1962) Lab assistant to Dr Beard who tries to use Beard's inventions for evil.
Kobra Aquaman #58 (1962) A villain who works with the Fisherman and Black Manta.
Korbo Aquaman #11 (1994) Atlantean citizen.
Kordax Atlantis Chronicles #4 Son of Cora and Dardanus. Completely scaled and green, like a fish, with blond hair. Had his left hand removed for trying to take the throne of Poseidonis. Has telepathy, can control fish. Worked for the Anunnake.
Koryak Aquaman #5 (1994) Son of Kako and Aquaman. Has hard water powers resembling Mera's. Attempted to overthrow his father and become king of Poseidonis.
Kosnor Superman: The Man of Steel #48 A telepath controlling monsters near the remains of Engine City.
Kraken Atlantis Chronicles #5 Son of Honsu, Heir. Killed by Haumond in Greece. One of his sons eventually became king.
Kraken of Vexjor Aquaman 1000000 (1994) A beast from Vexjor that cannot live long in normal water, and due to pain tends to destroy things when in normal water.
Krakka Aquaman #28 (1962) A water-breathing sea eagle who assists Dr. Starbuck in taking over Atlantis.
Krako Aquaman #31 (1962) The twin of Aquaman's American intelligence contact the Tall Man.
Krakor Adventure Comics #445 A plant creature that uses villagers of Toxxin's village to attract sharks to eat.
Kreon, Professor Aquaman #22 (1962) A scientist from Mera's dimension who restores Mera's powers.
Krill, Doctor Adventure Comics #272 A criminal scientist who turns Bragg into the Human Flying Fish.
Lador World's Finest Comics #135 An alien from another dimension who created a warp-machine that allowed him into Aquaman's world.
Land-Masters Action Comics #527 Land-dwellers on the planet Vortuma, who turn out to be Hexapi in human suits.
Landau, Colin Adventure Comics #460 Big game hunter who died because he refused help from a whale he had been hunting.
Leland Aquaman #49 (1962) Crooked factory owner who is dumping pollutants into the ocean.
Lemur Aquaman #8 (1962) Phrygian who passed up an uninhabited planet to steal water from Earth.
Leron Aquaman #11 (1962) Pretender to Mera's throne who follows her into Aquaman's world to make sure she doesn't return.
Letifos Aquaman #2 (1994) Sharkmaid of the Sher'Hedeen, later becomes friend of Garth and helps him fight his evil uncle.
Leviathon Aquaman #30 (1994) One of the dark gods, trapped and haunting its own body at the bottom of the deepest trench.
Liat Aquaman #25 (1962) Daughter of Tamerkhan, tries to take Artie Jr as her mate.
Liquidator Aquaman #38 (1962) A mutant who can sense and destroy evil.
Lobo Aquaman #4 (1994) Friend of space dolphins who meets Aquaman while trying to free captured dolphins.
Loma Atlantis Chronicles #1 Dardanus' mother, helped save Narmea during the birth of Cora. Murdered by Shalako to create Tritonis' dome.
Lora Atlantis Chronicles #7 Tritonian child. Finds a container of toxic waste with Uri.
Lorelei Atlantis Chronicles #5 Descendant of Nala. Mysterious wife of Honsu the conqueror. Urged Honsu to conquer the surface world. Mother of Kraken, Haumond, and Atlan. Grandmother of Aquaman.
Ludorf, Hans (Doctor) Aquaman #34 (1962) A doctor who agrees to turn Peter Dudley into Aquaman for a million dollars to build a hospital in Africa.
Lukhan Aquaman #20 (1962) A bandit exiled from Atlantis who tries to kill Aquaman.
Lun Ming More Fun #96 Chinese Olympic champion swimmer who helps his country battle the Japanese during World War II.
Lunt, Mr. Aquaman #38 (1994) Partner of Stasy Russell in her publicity firm.
Lyndon, Mayor Adventure Comics #264 Mayor of New Venice who makes Aquaman temporary police chief.
Lyndon, Senator John World's Finest Comics #262 A senator who vanished in the Sargasso Sea. Brother of the Mayor of New Venice.
Maarzon Aquaman #41 (1962) A band of savages who think Black Manta is a god.
Mabel Detective Comics #299 Captain Bean's granddaughter.
Magneto Aquaman #36 (1962) A member of the Awesome Threesome.
Magus, Vladimir Aquaman #1 (1988) Russian scientist who becomes a giant bubble after playing around with mystic artifacts.
Maia Atlantis Chronicles #2 Wife of Britton (?).
Major Disaster Aquaman #14 (1994) Villain with the talent of causing destruction. Killed Thanatos, thinking he was Aquaman, during Underworld Unleashed.
Manta Aquaman #35 (1962) See Black Manta.
Manta-Men Aquaman #35 (1962) Black Manta's thugs.
Manu Atlantis Chronicles #5 Child of Fatima.
Manuel Atlantis Chronicles #7 Member of Christopher Columbus's crew who spotted a Tritonian.
Marin Aquaman #2 (1991) Atlantean guard who sacrificed herself to save Aquaman's life.
Marine Marauder [1] Adventure Comics #449 A villain who uses electronics to control air-breathing animals, including whales and dolphins. Stole a vital shipment of flu vaccine and tried to hold it for ransom.
Marine Marauder [2] Flash #66 Woman who can control animals, and is searching for the crown of Enlil.
Maritorn Aquaman #48 (1994) Invaders attacking Oceanid, defeated by Aquaman.
Marius, Orm Aquaman #29 (1962) Another name for Ocean Master.
Markos, Stavros Adventure Comics #464 A Greek shipping magnate who tries to loot Atlantis.
Martian Manhunter Brave and the Bold #28 Longtime friend of Aquaman.
Martinson, Gunter Aquaman #39 (1994) Reporter covering the US Senate.
Mason, Jim Adventure Comics #263 Governor of the island of Comstock, confessed to embezzling from public funds. Known as "Big Jim".
Matsu, Colonel More Fun #96 Japanese commander who figured out that Lun Ming was getting past his security.
Maurice Aquaman Annual #3 A fishy retainer of Aquaman's.
Maxima Aquaman #40 (1994) Bad girl who always tries to make Superman her husband... here trying to make Aquaman her husband.
Maxwell, Edwin Aquaman #54 (1962) A victim of Thanatos.
Mcaan Adventure Comics #444 Man searching for his lost son, Syan, and confusing Aqualad for his possible kidnappers.
McCoy, Doctor Aquaman #9 (1994) Doctor at S.T.A.R. labs who developed Aquaman's hook.
Melvin Adventure Comics #242 A clown who becomes Aqua-Melvin after receiving a transfusion from Aquaman.
Mera Aquaman #11 (1962) Wife of Aquaman, mother of Arthur Curry III and AJ. Queen from another dimension. Has powers over water that allow her to form 'hard water' creations using gestures of her hands, her powers can be negated by the presence of lead.
Mercy Reef The Legend of Aquaman The reef upon which Aquaman's father left him to die. Aquaman buried his son, Artie Jr., there. Later destroyed by Black Manta.
Merd Aquaman #3 (1991) Tritonian who leaves his friend to be killed by sharks.
Merdo the Wizard World's Finest Comics #132 A wizard whose mind was imprisoned in a helmet for trying to overthrow his king.
Merlon World's Finest Comics #133 The man Selena was interested in. She became Aquagirl in order to impress him.
Mermor Showcase #33 Venusian refugee who accidently get Aquaman involved.
Merrevale Oil Company Aquaman #9 (1991) Oil Company that the Sea Devils attack.
Minkus Aquaman Annual #3 A thug who works for a toy company. Partner of Brian.
Mission Aquaman #8 (1991) The man who arranged for Aquaman to be Poseidonis' ambassador to the UN.
Mongo Aquaman #30 (1962) The leader of the evil city of Necrus.
Morel, Lisa Adventure Comics #266 See also Aquagirl [1]. A purple-eyed exile from Atlantis, who is doomed to lose her ability to live underwater.
Morel, Hugo (Doctor) Adventure Comics #266 Famed ichthyologist whose adopted daughter became the first Aquagirl.
Morisca Atlantis Chronicles #3 One of Bazil's friends, involved in the Shark Hunt.
Mort Aquaman Annual #4 Rivva's husband. See Rivva.
Munson, Albert Aquaman #42 (1994) Victim of the Sea Wolf. Later becomes the new identity of the Sea Wolf.
Mupo Aquaman #46 (1962) Rabble-rousing friend of Tula and Garth, helps overthrow Narkran.
Muria Atlantis Chronicles #7 Queen of Tritonis during the reign of Trevis.
Murphy, Admiral Action Comics #536 A Navy admiral working with S.T.A.R. labs to research Aquaman's powers.
Myrot Aquaman #12 (1962) An alien gladiator who can control water from a distance.
Naiad Aquaman #7 (1994) Earth's water elemental. There is a parallel Naiad in the Oceanid dimension.
Nala Atlantis Chronicles #5 Child of Kalunga and Gana, one of the most formidable villains in Atlantean history.
Narkran Aquaman #41 (1962) The man Aquaman places in charge of Atlantis during his search for Mera. Was behind Mera's kidnapping, and became a tyrant in Aquaman's absence. Nearly overthrown by Mupo.
Narmea Atlantis Chronicles #1 Wife of Orin, mother of Cora.
Na-Tinth Sha Aquaman 1000000 (1994) Leader of Jupiter in the 853rd Century.
Necrus Aquaman #30 (1962) An ancient city of evil, ruled by Mongo, that appears at intervals on the ocean floor due to an orbiting object.
Nelson, Horace More Fun #100 A man who always wanted to go to sea, but only got the chance as an adult.
Nemek Aquaman #28 (1994) A lightning whale, friend of Aquaman.
Nemo Aquaman #48 (1994) Leader of the Maritorn.
Neptune Tempest #1 A god of the oceans who is tricked then captured by Slizzath.
Neptune, King Aquaman #9 (1962) An ancient sea protector, like Aquaman, who predicted an undersea volcanic eruption that could destroy the world. Used his powers to turn a later adventurer (Captain Crane) into himself.
Neptune Perkins Aquaman #23 (1994) Senator and long-time protector of the sea.
Nera Time and Tide #2 Aquaman's dolphin girlfriend when he was a youth. His first crush.
Nero Aquaman #0 (1994) Atlantean Guard.
New Order Adventure Comics #442 A terrorist group that hijacks a cargo ship full of radioactive material.
New Venice Adventure Comics #264 Home of Aquaman and Mera, trashed by Ocean Master because Aquaman lived there.
Niccol Aquaman #13 (1962) A villain from the year 2098 who uses a thought-control ray on Mera.
Nicodemus Aquaman #8 (1991) Assassin who tries to kill Aquaman, using his "hour out of water" weakness.
Nikkor Aquaman #19 (1962) One of Mera's "friends", uses a potion to control Mera to conquer Atlantis. Apparently killed in the Dungeon Depths by a monster.
Nilia Aquaman #44 (1994) A dolphin friend of Aquaman.
Noah, Captain Adventure Comics #271 A scientist who can extract gold from seawater, but causes storms when he does.
No-Amun Atlantis Chronicles #6 Egyptian god, actually a descendant of the first Atlanteans to leave after the sinking of Atlantis. Shared his knowledge with Haumond.
Norton, Shark Adventure Comics #267 An Aquaman villain who switches places with The Wizard, a Green Arrow villain.
Noxden Aquaman #55 (1962) An Atlantean politician who makes anti-Aquaman speeches and demands a democratically elected leader.
Nuada Silverhand Aquaman #1 (1986) King of Thierna Na Oge, and powerful enchantress. Friend of Aquaman.
Nuliajuk Time and Time #3 Mother of Sea Beasts, not a friend to Aquaman.
Ocean Master Aquaman #29 (1962) Half brother of Aquaman, determined to become master and king of all the oceans. See also Curry, Orm and Orm.
Oceanid Aquaman #47 (1994) The other dimension where AJ and Mera were living after being saved from Thanatos' dimension by Atlan.
Oceanus [1] Aquaman #8 (1962) A water world, supposedly uninhabited, which Aquaman helps Phrygians secure water from.
Oceanus [2] Aquaman #18 (1962) A man from Mera's dimension who took away her powers and conquered Atlantis with her. When Mera defeats Oceanus, she becomes an honorary citizen and is allowed to marry Aquaman.
Oconn Adventure Comics #442 Atlantean Councilman duped into supporting Karshon.
O.G.R.E. Aquaman #26 (1962) The Organization for General Revenge and Enslavement, an evil group of super-nasties who often battle Aquaman.
Old One Aquaman #10 (1994) A shark that attempted to warn Aquaman of the impending second takeover of Atlantis by The Shark.
Orin [1] Atlantis Chronicles #1 King of Atlantis, scientist, father of Cora, husband of Narmea, brother of Shalako. Created the dome that saved Poseidonis, created a serum that allowed his people to live underwater.
Orin [2] Atlantis Chronicles #7 See also Aquaman. Atlantean name of Aquaman, given to him by Atlan.
Orm Aquaman #29 (1962) See also Ocean Master. The other child Atlan tells Atlanna he will sire. Later known as Ocean Master. Aquaman's half-brother and nemesis.
Oumland Aquaman #1 (1991) A country that goes to war with Poseidonis, and attempts to annex Atlantis.
Pairut, Omar DC Special Series #1 See Sunburst.
Pakuul Aquaman Annual #1 A whale friend of Aquaman who saved him from Triton, killed by whalers as Artie Jr was being born.
Pallais Atlantis Chronicles #1 Atlantean Sea Goddess.
Palmer, Jean Action Comics #530 The Atom's wife.
Palmer, Ray Action Comics #530 See Atom.
Parademon 3g4 Aquaman #37 (1994) One of Darkseid's minions who sacrificed himself for Aquaman.
Peli Aquaman #11 (1991) A sea serpent that Aquaman accidently calls into New York while he sleeps.
Percy, Doctor Aquaman #9 (1991) Scientist working for Merrevale oil who kills sea life with a microbe that eats oil.
Perkins, Neptune Aquaman #23 (1994) See Neptune Perkins.
Peters, Professor Detective Comics #300 An adventurer trying to study the Golden Idols of Idora.
Peters, Roy Adventure Comics #254 See also Electric Man. An alias for Roy Pinto.
Phrygia Aquaman #8 (1962) Planet that was nearly destroyed by a rogue sun. Sent out an expedition led by Lemur to find water.
Pilot Aquaman 1000000 (1994) Aquaman's tour guide to the 853rd century.
Pine, Miss Adventure Comics #278 Aqualad's teacher on land for a short time.
Pinto, Roy Adventure Comics #254 See also Electric Man. An escaped convict who poses as an aquarium owner specializing in electric eels.
Pletus Aquaman #1 (1989) King of Atlantis after Vulko's apparent death. Killed by jellyfish invaders.
Polaris, Doctor Aquaman #40 (1994) Villain who tries to take over Poseidonis and ends up battling Maxima.
Polloy, Professor World's Finest Comics #131 A criminal scientist who creates a hard water ray.
Pomoxis Aquaman #3 (1962) Evil Atlantean who impersonated Aquaman, then later tries to take over the city with the help of Captain Clay.
Popov, Yuri Aquaman #1 (1988) Russian scientist involved in Vladimir Magus' experiments with mystic crystals.
Porm Aquaman #1 (1991) A dolphin friend of Aquaman's. Later retconned to be Aquaman's dolphin mother. Killed by Demon Gate.
Porpy the Porpoise Aquaman #3 (1962) One of Aquaman's fishy friends.
Poseidon [1] Aquaman #17 (1962) The Greek god, in Mera's dimension, who kidnaps Mera and is defeated by Aquaman.
Poseidon [2] Adventure Comics #476 An android programmed with Tom Curry's memories who thinks he's the sea god.
Poseidon [3] Aquaman Annual #1 The god of water, jealous of Aquaman's title of King of the Seas. Father of Triton.
Poseidonis Atlantis Chronicles #1 An inland Atlantis city that survived the first sinkings, only to sink later when a meteorite hits.
Power Girl Aquaman #23 (1994) Grand-daughter of Arion, once thought she was Superman's cousin.
Powers, Don Aquaman #56 (1962) A Detriot super-hero called the Crusader who has poor eyesight. See Crusader.
Proteus Aquaman #17 (1962) Poseidon's court sorceror in Mera's dimension, creates time pods that allow Poseidon to kidnap Mera.
Pyron Aquaman #6 (1994) Member of the Deep Six.
Qeej Aquaman #10 (1994) A dolphin friend of Dolphin.
Queequeg Aquaman #2 (1991) A totally nutso whaler dude gunning for Aquaman.
Queen of Hy-Brasil Aquaman #17 (1994) Queen of the city of Hy-Brasil who claims Aquaman as her mate. Later killed by her people.
Quilp Aquaman #10 (1962) One of Quirk's followers.
Quink Aquaman #6 (1962) Water Sprite. Quisp's brother. Has green hair.
Quirk Aquaman #6 (1962) Water Sprite. Criminal from Quisp's world. Has red hair.
Quirp Aquaman #6 (1962) Mispelling of Quirk.
Quisp Aquaman #1 (1962) Water Sprite, friend of Aquaman and Aqualad. Has green hair and likes to pull pranks on people.
Qwsp JLA #30 5th Dimensional Imp that claimed to be Quisp, but was evil.
Rader, Captain World's Finest Comics #127 A pirate who uses a submarine disguised as a fish to spy on Aquaman.
Ragnar Aquaman #38 (1962) Atlantean Lord who tries to frame Aquaman for the murder of Atlantean patrols.
Raiden Industries Aquaman #27 (1994) A Japanese Think-Tank organization that created Demon-Gate.
Rajar Atlantis Chronicles #1 Advisor and childhood friend of Orin [1]. Murdered by savages thanks to Shalako's deceit.
Ramses Atlantis Chronicles #6 Egyptian leader who spared Haumond's life.
Rasmussen, Claudia Aquaman #14 (1994) Soon-to-be-wed daughter of Officer Rasmussen, informed of her father's death by Major Disaster.
Rasmussen, Officer Aquaman #14 (1994) An airport guard killed by Major Disaster.
Ray Aquaman #4 (1994) The name of one of Captain Tanaka's dolphin hunters. Deceased.
Rayner, Kyle Aquaman #10 (1994) See also Green Lantern. Fellow hero that had to be prevented from killing sharks on a death-watch.
Reefs, The Aquaman 1000000 (1994) A very powerful telepathic entity in the 853rd Century that helps Aquaman subdue the Kraken.
Reeks, Peter More Fun #100 Childhood friend of Horace Nelson, who takes advantage of his former friend in an illegal whaling scheme.
Regin Atlantis Chronicles #4 The Fourth Keeper of the Chronicles, son of Illya, later married Fiona.
Rhombus Aquaman #38 (1994) Villain who thinks he's Deep Blue's father.
Richards, Professor Showcase #31 A scientist who invents a device that devolves and controls fish.
Rivva Aquaman Annual #4 An Atlantean woman who killed her husband because he was so annoying. When ghosts came to Atlantis, her husband returned, and continued to haunt her.
Robin Aquaman #5 (1994) Inupiat who lived in the same village as Kako and Koryak.
Rogers, Captain Jules Adventure Comics #168 Captain who tries to put Aquaman's friend Captain Cleary out of business. His ship is the S.S. Marlin.
Ronal Atlantis Chronicles #3 Tritonian boy who helps save Bazil and Co during the Shark Hunt.
Ropito Islands Aquaman #10 (1962) Place where evil sprites led by Quirk try to start their own kingdom.
Rovere Aquaman #16 (1962) An alien shape-changer who disguises himself as Aquaman to avoid members of the gang he left.
Russell, Stasy Aquaman #38 (1994) One of the people who pitched the tourist idea to Aquaman and friends.
Sargasso Sea World's Finest Comics #262 A limbo-world in which Atlena tried to pull Atlantis. Many wrecks, with the people who were on them, exist there.
Scavenger Aquaman #37 (1962) A technical genius who uses his science to retreive treasures on the ocean floor, no matter what the cost to others. Reformed in Aquaman #13 (1991). His first name is Mort.
Scylla Aquaman #2 (1994) Charybdis' partner, who died when a bomb went off in her hands. Her death drove Charybdis mad. Aquaman never met the real Scylla.
Sea Demon Detective Comics #296 A skin-diver who dresses up as a demon to scare islanders into giving him tribute.
Sea Devils Aquaman #9 (1991) A group of four environmentalists who get in trouble when they apparently blow up an oil rig. The members are: Biff Bailey, Dan Dorrance, Judy and Nickey.
Sea Imp Aquaman #20 (1962) See Imp.
Sea Thief Justice League of America #14 A bandit paired up against Aquaman during a Justice League adventure.
Sea Wolf Aquaman #42 (1994) An Assassin werewaterbeast. He turns into a wolf in water, and is also undead and collects souls. When Aquaman kills it, he frees all the souls but the last victim. See also Huff, Lawrence and Munson, Albert.
Seaquake Aquaman #62 (1962) A robot.
Seaville Detective Comics #299 Home of Captain Bean and Mabel, has a plaque honoring Aquaman.
Selena World's Finest Comics #133 A girl who became a temporary Aqua-Girl in order to impress Merlon. See Aquagirl [2].
Serum X ? Adventure Comics #444 A serum that can change air-breathing humans into water-breathers.
Sett Adventure Comics #451 An Idylist.
Shalako Atlantis Chronicles #1 Younger brother of Orin [1], spiritual leader of Poseidonis. Turned to the Dark Gods when Orin put up the dome. First king of Tritonis, killed by his people after cursing them with scaled legs (that turned to fins with the next generation).
Shaligo Aquaman #6 (1994) Member of the Deep Six.
Shan Aquaman #5 (1994) Inupiat who lived in the same village as Kako and Koryak.
Shark [1] Adventure Comics #267 Nickname of one of Aquaman's foes. See Norton, Shark.
Shark [2] Adventure Comics #448 A villain who took over Poseidonis at least twice.
Shaxak Aquaman #22 (1994) Hunter/Gatherer leader who introduces Ahk-Orrd.
Shayera Atlantis Chronicles #6 The leader of the Idylists, devoted to peace. Leads them to the Hidden Valley and establishes a new home. Warned by Atlan to "Beware of babes with purple eyes".
Shayeris ? Crastinus, The Hidden Valley. Home of the Idylists. Homeland of Garth.
Shell-Back Man Aquaman #27 (1962) An alien from Saturn captured by Xen for his intergalactic aquarium.
Sher'Hedeen Aquaman #5 (1994) Shark people, Letifos' tribe.
Shinobi, Doctor Aquaman #4 (1994) A researcher studying dolphins, who is accepted by the dolphins and "buried" by them when he dies.
Simpson, Professor R K Atlantis Chronicles #1 "Discoverer" of the Atlantis Chronicles, writer of several essays at the end of the issues.
Sinker, J Oswald Adventure Comics #240 A children's book writer living on Christmas Island. Gets Aquaman to help him write an alphabet book based on the sea.
Sinquo Aquaman #23 (1962) A shape-changing exile from Atlantis who gives Aquaman a serum that will save Mera's life.
Sirene Aquaman #16 (1962) An alien shape-changer helping to hide her brother Rovere from a gang he quit.
Slade, Captain Aquaman #6 (1962) Pirate who fooled Quink into assisting him.
Slade, Jim Adventure Comics #226 Seaman of the Year, who apparently makes Aquaman jealous.
Slig Aquaman #6 (1994) Member of the Deep Six.
Slizzath Tempest #2 Garth's evil Uncle, who became incredibly powerful after he'd stolen Garth's birthright.
Slud-Jak That Dirty Beach A reptilian sea creature with tentacles instead of legs who is so enraged at surfacer pollution that he sends sharks to eat them.
Snark, Enos Adventure Comics #284 A criminal scientist who created a desalinization machine to protect himself from Aquaman's finny friends.
Solon Atlantis Chronicles #6 Greek traveler and historian, visited Egypt and met Haumond.
S'ona Aquaman #3 (1991) Lady of Tritonis, wife of Lord Iqula.
Sorcerors Aquaman #40 (1962) Inhabitants of an underwater medieval-like city, whose queen looks exactly like Mera.
Sorel, Doctor Aquaman #8 (1994) Atlantean Doctor.
Space Dolphins Aquaman #4 (1994) Flying, space-faring dolphin friends of Lobo who sometimes visit Earth. During one visit with Aquaman's dolphin mother Porm, a space dolphin is killed.
Sponsler, "Steal-A-Million" More Fun #98 A high-class thief who helps Phineas Blodgett so he can launder gold in Blodgett's factory.
Spought Aquaman #22 (1994) The guardian of Basilia. Lives in Thierna Na Oge after Basilia is destroyed. Saves a part of the magic of Thierna Na Oge from Cerne.
Spreng Aquaman #2 (1986) A monster magically controlled by Bres until Aquaman frees it with his telepathy.
Staci Aquaman #19 (1994) Minion of Ocean Master who is burned trying to help him.
Stamar Aquaman #7 (1962) Leader in Atlantis during Aquaman's pre-King days.
Starbuck, Doctor Aquaman #28 (1962) Evil scientist who takes over Atlantis and starts a war with the surface world.
Starene Aquaman #20 (1962) Daughter of Kaltor, makes Mera jealous.
Starra Aquaman #12 (1962) A rebel against Tiros on the planet Sidius.
Starro Brave and the Bold #28 A Justice League villain who occassionally battled Aquaman.
Stavros Markos Adventure Comics #464 See Markos, Stavros.
Stearn Atlantis Chronicles #3 Chief Magistrate of Tritonis before the re-emergence of Dardanus.
Stellor Aquaman #16 (1962) A gang leader looking for Rovere to punish him for leaving the gang.
Stillar, Captain Adventure Comics #167 Pirate who gets more than he bargained for when he tries to hold Aquaman's friends hostage.
Stom Aquaman #2 (1991) Oumland leader who actually listens to Aquaman.
Storm ? Aquaman's seahorse.
Strom, Admiral Aquaman #1 (1994) A Navy commander who calls on Aquaman to find a submarine leaking radiation, and knows things about Aquaman that he shouldn't. He's eventually killed by Tiamat.
Styz Aquaman #12 (1962) An alien gladiator who can boil or freeze the water around him.
Sunburst DC Special Series #1 An Iranian who wants the return of the Persian Empire, and uses the Sun Stone to become a supervillain.
Superboy Aquaman #3 (1994) Hawaii-based superhero who tried to prevent Aquaman from reaching Admiral Strom.
Superman Aquaman Annual #1 Fellow Justice League member. Met during a storm.
Supreme One Aquaman #26 (1962) O.G.R.E.'s primary agent on Operation Lost Island, actually the hotel manager.
Suula Atlantis Chronicles #1 Atlantean Sky Goddess.
Suvian Aquaman #4 (1962) Alien race. Hostile Suvians tried to use a stone robot to destroy a town.
Swamp Thing Aquaman #32 (1994) The Earth Elemental, able to use The Green. Stepped in when Aquaman lost control over his powers and helped guide him to a solution.
Syan Adventure Comics #452 Missing son of Mcaan.
Sykes, Captain Aquaman #2 (1962) Pirate captain of the SS Seahawk. Captured the Vulcan in order to trick Aquaman into finding a genie for him.
Syx Aquaman #8 (1962) An alien from Phrygia, who Aquaman helps.
Taggert Aquaman #19 (1962) Unethical showman who enslaves Atlanteans with Nikkor's help.
Tall Man Aquaman #31 (1962) Aquaman's contact in American intelligence. Has a twin brother named Krako.
Tamerkhan Aquaman #25 (1962) A scientist for Genghis Khan who invented a formula to keep himself and his companions alive over the centuries.
Tanaka, Captain Kimon Aquaman #4 (1994) A dolphin hunter who sees a flying dolphin and takes Porm to Doctor Shinobi. Is nearly killed by Lobo, and then left to die by Aquaman. See also Demon Gate.
Tanaka, Doctor Aquaman #27 (1994) Brother of Kimon Tanaka, works at Raiden Industries. Turned his brother into Demon Gate.
Tara Aquaman #38 (1994) Atlantean Citizen who adapts well to the changes the city is going through.
Tempest [1] Aquaman #20 (1994) See also Garth. After his training by Atlan, Garth took the name Tempest to better reflect his sorcerous abilities, and wears a version of the flag of Shayeris, his homeland.
Tempest [2] Aquaman One Million (1994) A woman with weather control living in the 853rd century.
Thanatos Aquaman #54 (1962) An evil being that uses fantasy to control and destroy peoples' minds. Kidnapped Mera and drove her insane. Killed by Major Disaster in Underworld Unleashed.
Thar Tempest #3 King of Shayeris, killed for preparing to fight Slizzath.
Thedir Mon Showcase '96 #1 A giant robot in the Grotto that Garth has to battle to conquer his fears.
Thesily The Legend of Aquaman King of Atlantis until Aquaman is discovered to be the rightful heir. Attempts to have Aquaman assassinated, dies in an earthquake.
Thierna Na Oge Aquaman #1 (1986) A city of magic, ruled by Nuada Silverhand. Destroyed by the Millenium Giants, rebuilt using magic preserved by Spought.
Thoran Adventure Comics #451 An Idylist who knows Garth.
Thorne Atlantis Chronicles #2 An Atlantean scientist who helps discover the serum that allows underwater breathing.
Tiamat Aquaman #15 (1994) Alien lizard that tries to kill Aquaman, and later busts up Washington DC. An Anunnake.
Time Decelerator Aquaman #37 (1962) A treasure that the Scavenger looks for, only to have it de-age him to nothing.
Timmorn Aquaman #44 (1994) Childhood monster friend of Aquaman's who accidently kills humans. Aquaman kills him to prevent more deaths. Timmorn's son becomes an instrument of Triton's revenge.
Tiros Aquaman #12 (1962) A tyrant on the planet Sidius who tries to keep the population under control with gladitorial games.
Tlapallan Aquaman #4 (1986) City that contains one of the twelve mystic crystals stolen by Ocean Master.
Tony Aquaman #13 (1991) A child with AIDS who goes on a quest to find his hero, Aquaman.
Topo ? Aquaman's loyal octopus friend, nearly strangled Arthur Jr while protecting him, injured by the Sea Wolf.
Torpedo-Man Aquaman #36 (1962) A villain who steals the Gyro-Moleculizer to rescue a trapped alien.
Tourists Aquaman #38 (1994) People who flocked into Poseidonis during the short time it was open to the public.
Toxin Aquaman #32 (1994) A terrorist making demands in Star Bay who is dealt with by Aquaman and Swamp Thing.
Toxxin Adventure Comics #445 Leader of the peaceful orange-skinned natives that lived near the Aquacave. Forced Aquaman to fight a plant-creature that was protecting the natives.
Tracy, Mr. Adventure Comics #278 The principal of Aqualad's school.
Trevis Atlantis Chronicles #7 Called "The Weak". Last True King of Atlantis. Killed himself when his wife had a blond child that was not his.
Trino Showcase #30 An amphibious alien who enslaves Atlantis.
Triton Aquaman Annual #1 Son of Poseidon, hates Aquaman. Sent Aquaman to Hades after killing Poseidon. Ended up dead by Poseidon's hand.
Tritonis Atlantis Chronicles #2 City where Shalako's followers went after leaving Poseidonis. Cursed by Shalako, they eventually have fins instead of legs.
Trok Aquaman #6 (1994) Member of the Deep Six.
Troy, Captain Adventure Comics #252 Another pirate that Aquaman defeats.
Tryton, Doctor Aquaman #32 (1962) The man who built the dome over Atlantis by turning himself into a giant. He hoped to die by being buried, as the force that turned him giant would later turn him evil, but he breaks out and battles Aquaman.
Tsunami Aquaman #23 (1994) Wartime hero from Japan, lover of Neptune Perkins.
Tufo Aquaman #11 (1994) Atlantean Citizen.
Tula Aquaman #33 (1962) Lover of Garth (aka Aqualad). Known as Aquagirl. Killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths by Chemo. Reanimated by Garth's evil uncle to torture Garth.
Tusky the Walrus Aquaman #36 (1962) Aqualad's pet walrus, tends to get into trouble. Leaves his wife and becomes a theme park attraction known as Wally Walrus.
Tumol Aquaman #18 (1962) Atlantean councilman who convinces Aquaman to be King after Juvor dies.
Typhoon Aquaman #26 (1962) O.G.R.E. agent who works with the Huntress on Operation Lost Island. Later helps Aquaman.
U.F.P. Adventure Comics #463 See Universal Food Products.
Un-Thing Aquaman #24 (1962) A sexist man who is invisible underwater.
Universal Food Products Adventure Comics #461 A company that goes into partnership with Atlantis, but actually is destroying Atlantis in the process.
Uri Atlantis Chronicles #7 Younger brother of Trevis. Finds a container of toxic waste which falls on him, and suffocates him.
Uritrium Aquaman #39 (1962) A substance that kills Venusians like Ka'arl and Aliena.
Varn, Doctor Adventure Comics #251 A criminal scientist from 6958 A.D. who tries to steal Zed-3's time travel device.
Vibrus Action Comics #530 A sea animal on Vortuma that gives off high levels of vibration energy when attacked.
Viro Atlantis Chronicles #3 One of Bazil's friends, is saved by Ronal and Dan during the Shark Hunt.
Vlana Action Comics #536 A villain who takes over Mera's body. Was queen in Mera's dimension until Mera returned.
Vortuma Action Comics #527 A planet that has sea-dwelling Hexapi fighting Land-Masters.
Vulko Aquaman #35 (1962) The best scientist in Atlantis during the reign of Trevis, became king when Aquaman abdicated the throne after the Karshon debacle.
Wake, Vic Adventure Comics #263 Former treasurer of the island of Comstock, becomes governor with Aquaman's help.
Wally Walrus Aquaman Annual #3 Tusky's stage name.
Warnn, Brother Aquaman #50 (1962) Leader of the Microscopic People.
Waterman Aquaman #26 (1962) Undercover name of Aquaman and Mera when they are searching for O.G.R.E.
Weather Wizard Adventure Comics #450 Flash villain who has a run-in with Aquaman in the Bermuda Triangle. Injures Mera.
Weisbogg Adventure Comics #436 Created a robot for Aquaman to take his place during boring state functions, but it was actually part of a plan to destroy Atlantis with a robot Bugala for Black Manta.
Welky, Wally World's Finest Comics #139 Head of the Daredevils' Club, caught trying to murder his cousin by Aquaman.
Wilo the Wizard Showcase #32 An ancient wizard who could transform himself into a powerful sea creature.
Wizard, The Adventure Comics #267 A Green Arrow villain who switches places with Shark Norton. Real name is Horace Kates.
Wonder Woman Aquaman Annual #1 Princess Diana, fellow Justice League member. Aquaman met her when Triton tried to take advantage of her.
Wylie Aquaman #9 (1991) Executive at Merrevale oil who orders Aquaman killed.
Xebel [1] Aquaman #11 (1962) Mera's Chief Scientist in her own dimension. Creates the dimensional gate that allows Mera into Aquaman's world.
Xebel [2] Action Comics #539 The name given to Mera's dimension.
Xen Aquaman #27 (1962) An alien who tries to capture Aquaman and Mera for his intergalactic aquarium.
Xeron, Professor Aquaman #19 (1962) A scientist from Mera's dimension who fixes the dimensional gateway.
Xuvia Aquaman #12 (1962) An alien gladiator who can grow scales over his entire body to protect himself.
Yara Atlantis Chronicles #7 Poseidonian child. Finds a container of toxic waste with Uri.
Zancol Aquaman #41 (1962) A wise Atlantean scholar.
Zed-3 Adventure Comics #251 A scientist in the year 6958 A.D. who has a time travel machine.
Zeus Aquaman #17 (1962) King of the Greek gods in Mera's dimension. Gives Aquaman the victory over Poseidon even though Aquaman didn't follow the rules.

Where's Where in Aquaman

This section is where I'm collecting information about places that are a part of Aquaman's world. Not all of these are crucial to understanding Aquaman.

Place Name Description of Place/People who live there
Alpha Colony A colony established by air breathers but destroyed by Mongo.
Aquacave Aquaman's home/refuge. Contains all his belongings.
Atlantis The continent (now underwater) of Atlantis. Contained the cities of Poseidonis and Tritonis, among others.
Basilia The floating city, destroyed by the Hunter/Gatherers during the invasion. The guardian, Spought, went to live in Thierna Na Oge.
Cave of Death A dangerous cave that contains a flesh-eating whirlpool.
City of the Golden Gate Ruins.
Crastinus See Shayeris
Depths, The A dangerous underwater tunnel inhabited by dangerous fish and people living symbiotically with monsters. Shortcut to Maarzon Colony from Poseidonis.
Dreaming City of Himalayas Home to Atlanteans who left before the water-breathing serum was perfected. Destroyed by Ocean Master.
Dungeon Depths An underwater prison/pit from which nothing can escape.
Eldfur colony Home of the Eldfur, who are dying off from regular attacks by the Bugala.
Forgotten Place Home of the alien Hammuri and his robotic Demonoids.
Grotto, The An other-dimension where Garth was trained by Atlan.
Gulf of Terrors Home of Sirens. Aquaman must pass through this place to save Mera and Artie Jr.
Hidden Valley Location of Shayeris (also known as Crastinus)
Horrka colony Land of the Horrkas, underwater ape-like creatures.
Hy-Brasil Home to albino manta-like people.
Maarzon colony Land of the Maarzons, a savage tribe of underwater peoples.
Mercy Reef The place where Aquaman was left to die. Aquaman buried Artie Jr there. The reef was destroyed by Black Manta.
Necrus An ancient city of evil that appears at intervals on Earth.
New Venice Surface home of Aquaman and Mera for a time, trashed by Ocean Master because Aquaman lived there.
Oceanid Another dimension, into which Mera and AJ went after escaping the dark dimension with Aquaman.
Oumland A country that declares war on Poseidonis and attempts to annex Atlantis.
Poseidonis Aquaman's ancestral home.
Ropito Islands Place where evil sprites led by Quirk attempt to start a colony in Aquaman's world.
Sargasso Sea A limbo-world in which Atlena tried to pull Atlantis. Many wrecks, with the people who were on them, exist there.
Shayeris Home of the Idylists, birthplace of Garth.
Thierna Na Oge Home of the magical people led by Nuada Silverhand. Destroyed by a Millenium Giant.
Tlapallan City that contained one of the twelve mystic crystals that Ocean Master was trying to steal.
Toxxin's Village Home of people terrorized by the Krakor, which uses them as bait to attract sharks to eat.
Tritonis Home of the Mer-People, founded by Shalako.