Tiny Titans 1

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Classic Aqualad Grade 5, Titans

Tiny Titans #1
TinyT 01.jpg
Title: Tiny Titans
Cover Title: Leaping Off The Pages!!
Cover Date: April 2008
Anthology: Seven Very Short Stories (and a Maze Puzzle)
Writer: Art Baltazar and Franco
Artist: Art Baltazar
Letterer: Nick J Napolitano
Cover Artist: Art Baltazar
Assistant Editor: Stephanie Buscema
Editor: Jann Jones
Ship Date: 13 February 2008
Order Code: DEC07 0260
Cover Price: $2.25
Page Count: 23 (counting cover, maze, and next issue splash)

Story Synopsis

The Tiny Titans run amuck and go to school.

Aqualad's Role

Aqualad shows up in several panels and on the cover, but has no speaking part.


  • This version of Aqualad is a stylized cartoon. He has a pet fish that he keeps near him in a fishbowl.
  • There is a four page preview for Super Friends at the end of this book. It include Aquaman in two panels.