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Golden Age

This version of Aquaman had done-in-one adventures that involved a number of recurring characters, but generally had no overall arc.

Golden Age Stories

Early Silver Age

A continuation of the Golden Age sensibility of done-in-one adventures, with an added recurring cast and eventually longer stories.


The start of the Silver Age.


Aquaman finally gets a human sidekick.

Early Justice League

As part of a band, Aquaman had more exposure to the audience of the DC Universe.

Late Silver Age

The emergence of longer storylines and the destruction of Aquaman's happy family.

The 1980s

Short ongoing storylines intermixed with Justice League events and mini-series.

The 1990s

The Peter David years.

The Naughts

Flailing about for a anchor to weigh in on.

Obsidian Age

Aquaman vanishes in Our Worlds and War and comes back after a JLA event.

Sword of Atlantis

Aquaman vanishes, and a new Aquaman takes his place for a bit.

Blackest Night

Aquaman becomes a Black Lantern while Mera rages about her life as a Red Lantern.

Brightest Day

Aquaman is reincarnated to fight the greatest threat the world has known.


The world changes in a flash, and Aquaman's altered history makes him a villain on a massive scale.

The New DC Universe

After Flashpoint, an altered Aquaman stars in a news series.