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Cover by Patrick Gleason
First appearance Aquaman #16 (May-04)
Full name Lorena Marquez
Homeland San Diego, California
Allies Aquaman, Teen Titans

When part of San Diego was sunk in a great cataclysm, Lorena was one of thousands of survivors converted into water-breathers. She was the second survivor to surface, and the first to survive entering the air after being changed. Unlike many survivors, she had a greater tolerance for living outside water, and joined Aquaman to find the cause of the disaster.

After a time, she became a regular partner to Aquaman. She gained a "uniform" during a plot by Ocean Master to steal Aquaman's life. Eventually, she was considered a hero in her own right and joined the Titans as a powerhouse member.

When the Atlanteans visit Sub Diego, she met and fell in love with Aquaman's son Koryak. They got along well, but Lorena was devastated when Koryak was killed in the Spectre's attack on Atlantis.

During the Brightest Day, she was asked to help by Mera and met Jackson while fighting off the Atlanteans of Xebel.