Harpoon Aquaman

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First appearance Aquaman: Time & Tide 1
Full name Arthur Curry
Alter ego Orin
Parents Atlan and Atlanna
Spouse Mera
Child(ren) Arthur Jr, AJ, Koryak
Homeland Atlantis

After learning the truth of his heritage, Aquaman was called on an adventure by his one-time sidekick Aqualad. The two of them ran into Charybdis, who stole Aquaman's powers but was not satisfied with the limitations on them. Aquaman's left hand was eaten by piranhas in an ensuing battle. Aquaman replaced the hand with a harpoon that had killed one of his friends, then later with an upgraded model from S.T.A.R. labs. He changed his look further by dropping his scalemail shirt and wearing a galerus and manica on his right arm.