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First appearance Aquaman #1 (Aug 1994)
Allies Scylla
Enemies Aquaman
Abilities Uses a machine to steal other powers

Charybdis is a "freelance terrorist" who augments his abilities with a machine that temporarily drains the powers of a metahuman. He started with Dolphin, and managed to capture Aquaman as well.

His partner, Scylla, was killed by accident sending him over the edge. He plans to destroy all life on the planet by breaking open sunken nuclear submarines with Aquaman's power. He is disgusted to learn that Aquaman's powers do not force sea life to obey him. In a final battle, he manages to force Aquaman's arm into a piranha infested pool, but is shot by Dolphin and falls into the pool himself.

A later writer attempted to bring the character back, but it was probably just a copycat with a grudge.