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The Aquaman Chronicles

The Aquaman Chronicles is a fanzine produced by John Schwirian with contributions from both Aquaman fans and professionals. The first issue came out in January 2001. The covers went to full color as of issue #13.

In addition to 19 regular issues, there have been 3 issues of More Wet Comics, a fan fiction companion book. There has also been an index to the first 10 issues.

The Aquaman Chronicles is a no profit, fan-produced review of the history of the DC Comics character Aquaman and related subjects. All material printed in The Aquaman Chronicles is for historical purposes and for literary criticism and review. Contributors include both fans and comic book professionals alike. The Aquaman Chronicles is not affiliated with DC Comics.

Currently, subscriptions are not available, but issues can be purchased individually (based on availability) for the cost of shipping and handling.

For more information, please contact John Schwirian at

The Aquaman Chronicles

The Aquaman Chronicles #1

  • January 2001
  • Featuring covers by Walt Simonson and Don Churby
  • The results of the first contest (name the fanzine)
  • A Quick history of Aquaman
  • Aquaman in the Golden Age
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: Thanatos
  • Quisp comic strip
  • Fan-fic by Dark Angel: "Son of the Sea"
  • The Crime Syndicate of Earth-3
  • Aquaman on TV: Freakazoid

The Aquaman Chronicles #2

  • June 2001
  • Featuring covers by Jim Calafiore and Don Churby
  • The first Aquaman Chronicles letter column
  • A History of Aquaman reprints
  • Tegan's Tidbits (Microfiche, Conventions sketches, Detective Comics, and downloading comics off the net)
  • The Design-an-Aquafoe Contest announcement
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: The Fisherman
  • Aquafoes word search
  • Collectibles Corner: Captain Action and Super Queens
  • Fan-fic by Dark Angel: "Son of the Sea"
  • The Justice League Alter Ego Crisis
  • The First Aquagirl
  • Pittsburgh Comicon report
  • Interview with Jim Calafiore
  • Who Wants To Be An Atlantean Heir game
  • Aquariuman
  • Fan-fic w/art by John Schwirian "That Which Lies Hidden"
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #73
  • Aquaman and the All-Star Squadron
  • Aquaman on TV: Seinfeld

The Aquaman Chronicles #3

  • October 2001
  • Featuring front cover by Eric Shanower
  • More Aquamail
  • "Why I Love Aquaman"
  • Post-Crisis History of Aquaman
  • Shaun McLaughlin article
  • Overview of the 1991 Aquaman series
  • Tegan's Tidbits (Shaun McLaughlin resolution notes)
  • Who's Who in the Aquafamily (1991 series)
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: The Scavenger
  • Justice League Europe
  • Collectibles Corner: 1991 series poster and stickers
  • Aquaman on TV: The Simpsons
  • The Amphibian
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #74 and 75
  • San Diego Comic Con 2001 report

The Aquaman Chronicles #4

  • January 2002
  • Featuring covers by Patrick Waugh and Matt Heuston
  • The Chronicles and John Schwirian mentioned in TV Guide
  • Eulogy for Aquaman by Chuck Dill
  • The Many Deaths of Aquaman
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: Demongate
  • Who's Who in the Aquafamily: Aquababy, Arthur Curry Jr.
  • Who's Who in the Aquafamily: Tula the Aquagirl
  • Steve Skeates on his Aquaman writings
  • Elseworld Aquaman: Bizzaro Comics, World's Funnest, and Sergio Aragones Destroys DC
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #76, 77, and 78
  • Fan-fic by Chris Zeigafuse: "The Final Mission"
  • Aquaman's popularity in the Justice League
  • Tegan's Tidbits (Preview Copies, Early Aquaman artists)
  • Collectibles Corner: Audio adventures of Aquaman
  • Aquaman on TV: Saturday Night Live
  • Aquafoe contest results

The Aquaman Chronicles #5

  • April 2002
  • Featuring front cover by Tommy Tejeda
  • Filmation's Aquaman show
  • Super Friends
  • Cartoon Network Shorts
  • The Road to Justice League
  • Superman: The Animated Series "A Fish Story"
  • Batman Beyond's Aquagirl
  • Justice League the Animated Series
  • Elseworld Aquaman: Adventures in the DCUniverse series
  • Tegan's Tidbits (Top 10 Aquaman covers)
  • Golden Age Aquaman: World's Finest #6, More Fun #82, 84, and 85

The Aquaman Chronicles #6

  • July 2002
  • Featuring front cover by Phil Jimenez
  • Recent Aquaman Merchandise
  • Pin-ups of Aquaman by Armon Barrows
  • "Aquaman When I Was a Kid" by D.C. Dill
  • Garth: From Aqualad to Tempest - a detailed history of one of the best heroes in the DCU.
  • Garth Pop-Ups!
  • Garth Bibliography and Who's Who pages
  • The history of Garth and Dolphin
  • The Idylists
  • Aqualad's Aquafoes
  • Elseworld Aqualads
  • Filmation Teen Titans

The Aquaman Chronicles #7

  • October 2002
  • Featuring front cover by George Tuska
  • Alter Ego's coverage of Aquaman
  • Wish List for Aquaman crossovers
  • Aquaman in Crossovers:
    • JLA/Witchblade
    • JLA versus Predator
    • Superman & Bugs Bunny
    • Not Brand Echh
    • What The..?!
    • Marvel Versus DC
    • Access
    • Unlimited Access
    • Elseworlds: Amalgam
  • History of DC/Marvel crossovers
  • Survival of the Fittest: Imaginary Battles
  • Who's Who: Namor
  • Aquafoes: Noble, Barracuda, and Roman
  • Collectibles: trading cards, custom action figures, and HeroClix
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #86-89
  • Mermaid Man & Barnable Boy from Spongebob Squarepants
  • Tegan's Tidbits (HeroClix)

The Aquaman Chronicles #8

  • January 2003
  • Featuring front cover by Ken Hooper
  • Information on the current status of Aquaman
  • Tegan's Tidbits (Aquaman Archive)
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #90-93
  • Ken Hooper interview
  • Ken Hooper Bibliography
  • Collectibles Corner - Trading Cards and POGs
  • The Lost Pages - Aquaman #14 as written by Peter David and drawn by Ken Hooper (17 pages of what would later become Aquaman: Time and Tide #1 by a different artist).
  • TV Corner - coming soon and retractions

The Aquaman Chronicles #9

  • March 2003
  • Featuring front cover by Sunny Lee
  • All Elseworlds Issue!
  • Why Aquaman? in Tegan's Tidbits
  • Jim Calafiore's Rejected Elseworlds
  • Aquaman on Multiple Earths
  • Aquaman in Alternate Futures
  • Aquaman in Hypertime
  • Aquaman in Elseworlds
  • Permutations and Transformations of Aquaman
  • Aquaman Spoofs
  • Other Aquatic Characters Word Search
  • Who's Who in Elseworld Aquafamily
  • The Female Black Manta
  • Aquatic Characters on TV
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #94-97

The Aquaman Chronicles #10

  • July 2003
  • Featuring front cover by Joe Rubinstein
  • Profile of artist Don Newton
  • Who's Who of Orion and the New Gods
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #98-101
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: The Deep Six
  • Collectors Corner: Super Powers and Total Justice
  • Elseworld updates
  • Into the Aquaverse by Richard Duncan

The Aquaman Chronicles #11

  • December 2003
  • Featuring front cover by Ken Hooper
  • Will Pfeifer information
  • Comics to the Troops (featuring a letter from Patrick Keough)
  • Aquaman in the Funny Pages
  • Aquamail
  • The Origin Story I Prefer by Chris Khalaf
  • Aquaman cast sketches by Anthony Burns
  • Into the Aquaverse by Richard Duncan
  • Aquaman and Superman team-ups
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: Luthor, Brainiac, Kosnor
  • Who's Who in the Aquafamily: Lori Lemaris
  • Elseworlds - The Day Superman Became The Flash
  • TV Guide - Teen Titans and Justice League
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #102-107

The Aquaman Chronicles #12

  • May 2004
  • Featuring front cover by Steve Epting
  • Reaction to Will Pfeifer's first few issues
  • Review of H-E-R-O by Richard Duncan
  • On the trail of Serum X by Chris Khalaf
  • Interview with Will Pfeifer
  • Aquaman MEGO overview
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #80, 81, 83
  • Dan Jurgens, Steve Epting, Michael W Kaluta and Aquaman
  • Who's Who in the Aquafamily: Rodunn, Ambassador Hart, Cerdian
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: Queen Charlanda of Cerdia, Counselor Whynt, Cerdia, Ocean Master, Valgos, Omnigard
  • The Warlord and the Sea King
  • Elseworlds - Aquan, Sedna

The Aquaman Chronicles #13

  • September 2004
  • Featuring front cover, in color!, by George Tuska
  • Aqua-Mail from Ken Hooper, Will Pfeifer, and Mark Waid among others
  • Aquaman Toy news
  • Tegan's Tidbits (Aquaman: Magic or Science?)
  • Aquatic Ramblings by Russell Burbage
  • Aquaman: Icon or Character by D.C.Dill
  • Aquaman pin-up by Anthony Burns
  • Review of DC Special #28 by Chris Khalaf
  • Aquaman pin-up by Don Churby
  • Into The Aquaverse
  • Who Wants To Be An Atlantean Heir - 2: The Super-Villain Edition
  • Promo page for More Wet Comics #2
  • The Curse of the Super Friends - Aquaman gets no respect
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: Sea Quake
  • Collectibles Corner - Justice League of America Aquaman Board Game
  • Adventures into the Atom-Age: Adventure Comics #103 and 104
  • Justice League of America Case Files
  • Distinguished Competition - Moray Earl and the 7 Guys of Justice from False Idol Studios
  • TV Guide - Voices of Aquaman

The Aquaman Chronicles #14

  • August 2006
  • Featuring TV Aquaman color front cover
  • Aqua-Mail
  • Art Attack!! by George Tuska, Steve Epting, and Joe Staton
  • Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis overview
  • Collectibles Corner
  • Into the Aquaverse (complete with crossword puzzle)
  • Aquatic Ramblings by Russell Burbage
  • TV Guide, featuring information on all Aquaman's live-action appearances from "The Cast of the Angler" to "Mercy Reef"
  • Tooned Out, featuring a guide to Aquaman's appearances in Justice League and Aqualad's appearances in Teen Titans
  • Bring on the Aquafoes: King Shark
  • The Cultural Importance of the shark in Hawaii
  • Golden Age Aquaman: More Fun #79
  • Adventures into the Atom-Age: Adventure Comics #105-108

The Aquaman Chronicles #15

  • September 2007
  • Tad Williams and the Sword of Atlantis

The Aquaman Chronicles #16

  • February 2008
  • Steve Skeates 100 Page Spectacular

Aquaman Chronicles Index

The Official Index To The Aquaman Chronicles (#1-10)

  • Complete index to the first ten issues of the Aquaman Chronicles.
  • Indexes for:
    • Contributors
    • Characters
    • Subjects
    • Checklists
    • Reviews
  • Features reproductions of all ten front covers

More Wet Comics

More Wet Comics #1

AC MoreWet01.jpg
  • November 2003
  • A new fiction fanzine that attempts to fill in the holes in Aquaman's continuity.

More Wet Comics #2

AC MoreWet02.jpg
  • September 2005
  • Thanatos Rising

More Wet Comics #3

AC MoreWet03.jpg
  • June 2007