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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Wackyman A clown who uses mechanical fish to duplicate some of Aquaman's acts. Adventure #233 (1957)
Wagner, Lieutenant A member of the Coast Guard, friend of Aquaman. Adventure #197 (1954)
Wake, Vic An honest man who worked in the treasury department of Comstock and learned of corruption, so he decided to run for governor. Adventure #263 (1959)
Wakely, Captain A captain who creates a rescue ship which he names "Aquaman". Adventure #239 (1957)
Waldon A ship carrying a cargo of gold under sealed orders that was still hijacked. Adventure #214 (1955)
Wallace, Admiral A military leader of Comstock who supports Big Jim Mason. Adventure #263 (1959)
Wallace, Bill A successful restaurant owner, with his wife, who is kicked out of his lease by a greedy landlord. Adventure #182 (1952)
Wallace, Jane A successful restaurant owner, with her husband, who is kicked out of her lease by a greedy landlord. Adventure #182 (1952)
Wally Clark See Clark, Wally.
Walter Mason See Mason, Walter.
Wanderer The name of John Wilson's ship. Destroyed by Rocky Logan in the South Pacific. More Fun #88 (1943)
Ward, Jim An undersea explorer. Adventure #248 (1958)
Ward, Quentin The creator of the comic strip "Al's Adventures" who sets out to prove that his character could have hitch-hiked around the world. Adventure #145 (1949)
Waterman Aquaman's alter-ego when he attends Weston College. Adventure #120 (1947)
Weapon XZ11 A weapon that fires Chemical XZ11 at the target. Adventure #216 (1955)
Weed, Tim A smuggler who mints ancient coins from smuggled gold to fool customs into thinking he's recovering treasure from an ancient wreck. Adventure #160 (1951)
Weems, Ambrose The owner of the Seaside Theater, who feels his business is threatened by Captain Hoyle's "dive-in" theater. Adventure #186 (1953)
Welky, John A famous atomic scientist who is stricken with a strange blood virus dubbed Virus X. Adventure #200 (1954)
Weston College A small school that Aquaman attends as "Mr Waterman" in order to learn from the best ichthyologist in the country. Adventure #120 (1947)
Westwind An icebreaker that lost some chemicals on the way to free a ship stuck in ice. Adventure #213 (1955)
WFPT A radio station that reports on Aquaman's defeat by Ann Collins, Queen of the Sea. Adventure #187 (1953)
Wheeler, Turk Leader of a gang that pirated the San Salvador and made off with a million dollar worth of loot. Hiding in Aquaman's fish preserve. Adventure #192 (1953)
White Horse Mountain The location of Blackbeard's hidden treasure. More Fun #88 (1943)
White, Jim The original owner of one of the boats stolen by Luke's gang. Adventure #191 (1953)
Wilbur A relative of Ronald Sailsbury who only has the boy's best interests at heart.. More Fun #104 (1945)
Wilkins, Captain A Coast Guard captain in charge of trying to determine who hijacked the Waldon. Adventure #214 (1955)
Willie Desmond See Desmond, Willie.
Willy An attentive child in a pet shop. Adventure #230 (1956)
Wilo the Wizard A wizard who created a potion to turn guards into giant indestructible creatures to protect his kingdom. Showcase #32 (May 1961)
Wilson, John His real last name is Teach, and he's a descendant of Blackbeard the pirate, referred to incorrectly as John Teach in this story. Wilson's goal in life is to return Blackbeard's treasure to the descendants of his victims. His ship is the Wanderer. More Fun #88 (1943)
Wilson, Shark A prisoner originally captured by Aquaman who escapes into the sea. He has a distinctive scar along the right side of his head and a jutting jaw. Adventure #203 (1954)
Windham, Mark A millionaire banker who didn't believe in mermaids until he saw one. Adventure #132 (1948)
Wingham, Kathie A young woman from Minnesota who dreams to compete for the Channel Record. Adventure #156 (1950)
The Wizard A renegade inventor tired of being defeated by Green Arrow. Adventure #267 (1959)
WNRC The TV station that announces a search for a chest of diamonds dumped from an ailing airplane. Adventure #189 (1953)
Wood, Captain A friend of Aquaman who is extremely observant. Adventure #235 (1957)
Woody A doctor working on ultrasonic waves. More Fun #102 (1945)