Teen Titans Year One 2

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Classic Aquaman Grade 3, Classic Aqualad Grade 2, Titans

Teen Titans: Year One #2
TTY1 2.jpg
Cover to Teen Titans: Year One #2
Title: In The Beginning... Part Two
Cover Title: Aqualad: Fish Out of Water!
Cover Date: April 2008
Writer: Amy Wolfram
Artist: Karl Kerschl, Serge LaPointe, Steph Peru
Letterer: Nick J Napolitano
Assistant Editor: Adam Schlagman
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Ship Date: 2008 February 6
Order Code: DEC07 0195
Cover Price: $2.99
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Aqualad, Topo, Kid Flash, Flash, Robin, Green Arrow, Speedy, Wonder Girl

Story Synopsis

Aqualad risks going to the surface to find Robin and Kid Flash when Aquaman starts to attack surfacer ships. Meanwhile, both the Flash and Green Arrow seem to be turning mean as well.

Aquaman's Role

Aquaman attacks a submarine and orders Topo to attack Aqualad. He also taunts Aqualad with the fact that he cannot survive out of water.