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What's Happening in Aquaman's Corner of the DCU?

  • Aquaman is currently appearing in his own title.
Recent and Upcoming Issues
Aqu2016 58.jpg
Aquaman #58
Aqu2016 59.jpg
Aquaman #59
Aqu2016 60.jpg
Aquaman #60
Aqu2016 61.jpg
Aquaman #61
Aqu2016 62.jpg
Aquaman #62
Aquaman: Deep Dives
AquDD 02.jpg
Aquaman: Deep Dives #2
AquDD 03.jpg
Aquaman: Deep Dives #3
AquDD 04.jpg
Aquaman: Deep Dives #4
AquDD 05.jpg
Aquaman: Deep Dives #5
AquDD 06.jpg
Aquaman: Deep Dives #6


  • Previews - What's coming up that features characters from the Aquaman Family.
  • Stories - A complete list of Aquaman's solo adventures, with JLA appearances to be added.
    • Series - A listing of Aquaman's adventures by what comic book title they appeared in.
    • Cover Gallery - Splash pages and Covers featuring Aquaman.
  • Sightings - Recent appearances of Aquaman or his supporting cast in other comic books.
    • AquaSpotting - Recent appearances of Aquaman in media other than comic books.
    • The Aquaman Chronicles - The excellent Aquaman fanzine.
    • Other Media - Aquaman's appearances on TV, Films, and in Music.
    • Merchandise - Aquaman toys, trading cards, games, and other neat stuff that's been made.
  • Characters - A list of the characters in the Aquaman Family.
    • Whos Who - An attempt to record every named character, place, or item in every Aquaman solo story.
  • Creators - A list of all the creators who have worked on Aquaman.
    • Fans - A list of notable Aquaman fans.
  • The Blog - The original Aquaman page on the web, the place for current news.
  • The Aquaman Shrine - The best spot for current Aquaman information.


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