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Aquaman #7 (Volume Five)
Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Cover Title: The Secret of the Others
Cover Date: May 2012
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado
Letterer: Nick J. Napolitano
Colorist: Rod Reis
Cover Artist: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Assistant Editor: Sean Mackiewicz
Editor: Pat McCallum
AQUAMAN Created By Paul Norris
Ship Date: 28 Mar 2012
Order Code: JAN12 0215
Cover Price: $2.99
Page Count: 20

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Who destroyed Atlantis? In the start of a new storyline, we follow the hunter as he stalks and kills his prey, claiming their weapons and armor as trophies. A golden shield, a golden helm... and the final prize is the most powerful of all: a golden trident. The only problem is, he's going to have to go through Aquaman to get it. Who is he? What is the secret of Aquaman's trident? And how does this all tie into the destruction of Atlantis?





Aquaman #7 Preview