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The Mystery of the Undersea Safari
Detective Comics #300

Title: The Mystery of the Undersea Safari
Cover Date: February 1962
Anthology: 3 Stories
Other Stories: Batman and Robin: "The Bizarre Polka-Dot Man", Martian Manhunter: "The J'onn J'onzz Museum"

Writer: Unknown
Art: Nick Cardy
Editor: Jack Schiff, Murray Boltinoff, George Kashdan

Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 6 pages


A group of men entreat Aquaman and Aqualad to help them find Professor Peters, who went off in search of an ancient treasure protected by deadly traps. Aquaman and Aqualad lead the men through the dangers and get to Peters, only to learn that the men they were leading are thieves who want to steal Peters' find. Aquaman creates a new danger that the thieves think Peters can help them with, but it's just Aquaman's finny friends scaring the bandits, and tricking them into being captured.


It seems odd that Aquaman would agree to help the men so quickly. It reads like a set-up from the beginning.

The treasure, the idols of Idora, were stolen by pirates who were then stopped by a sorceror who hid them. Professor Peters somehow came into possession of a map that not only showed how to reach the treasure, but also had the traps plainly marked. Peters wants to turn the idols over to a museum.

There is some really nice art here with Aquaman and Peters talking after being tied up, and Jeffers begging Peters for help. The expressions on the faces are fascinating and very well done. Modern artists could learn a lot from studying some of these stories to see how to show action in a static form without making it confusing.


An ok story.

Review Date: 20 June 1999, By Laura Gjovaag