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Aqualad, Stand-In For a Star
Detective Comics #297

Title: Aqualad, Stand-In For a Star!
Cover Date: November 1961
Anthology: 3 Stories
Other Stories: Batman and Robin: "The Beast of Koba Bay", Martian Manhunter: "J'onn J'onzz vs the Vigilantes"

Writer: Jack Miller
Art: Sheldon Moldoff
Editor: Jack Schiff, Murray Boltinoff, George Kashdan

Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 6 pages


Aquaman tells Aqualad he has to help out Barry Blaine in his newest movie, because a portion of the proceeds are going to the retired seamen's fund. Aqualad is jealous that he's doing all the hard work and Barry will get the credit. He decides to quit, but falls into a net that fell off the filming boats, and is trapped in the path of an old war mine. Barry sees Aqualad's situation and jumps overboard (wearing water wings) to help. He slows down the mine long enough for Aquaman to come and rescue them both. Aqualad's opinion of Barry rises immensely.


At the end of this story, Aquaman winks at the audience. It makes me wonder if he didn't set up the situation for Aqualad to get trapped in on purpose so that Aqualad would learn that Barry is a nice guy, even if he can't swim.

The movie is called "The Adventures of Sea-Boy" and involves Sea-Boy rescuing a woman from a pirate ship and defending his home against strange sea beasts. Aqualad does all the underwater stunts and anything involving swimming.

The two get chummy at the end of the story, and Barry promises to teach Aqualad to act if Aqualad teaches Barry to swim, and then they'll star in a movie together.


Did Aquaman really put the two in danger? A thought-provoking story.

Review Date: 20 June 1999, By Laura Gjovaag