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The Mystery of Demon Island
Detective Comics #296

Title: The Mystery of Demon Island!
Cover Date: October 1961
Anthology: 3 Stories
Other Stories: Batman and Robin: "The Menace of the Planet-Master", Martian Manhunter: "The Alien Bodyguard"

Writer: Unknown
Art: Nick Cardy
Editor: Jack Schiff, Murray Boltinoff, George Kashdan

Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 6 pages


Aquaman and Aqualad rescue a fisherman caught in a whirlpool, and learn that they have angered the Sea Demon. They attack the demon, but are hurled back and weakened. After being saved by Topo and friends, Aquaman sends some whales after the demon. The whales are also defeated, but Aquaman gets an idea and attacks the demon again, this time defeating him and revealing him to be a crooked diver in a demon costume.


Plot holes galore in this story. Wouldn't float for a minute in the modern age.

The demon has a battery-operated trident that sends a current through the water and shocks his enemies. So how did he cause the whirlpool? And for that matter, how did Aquaman actually defeat him? Did the batteries run out or something? It never says. Perhaps hitting the metal seahorse with the trident shorted it out.

The art is very good, but I've noticed that you more often see Aquaman and Aqualad's backs than their fronts. Are their backs easier to draw?

Aquaman and Aqualad scoff at the islanders superstitions and the islanders decide to never believe in demons again after Aquaman reveals this one to be a fraud. What happens to them if a real demon comes along, huh?


Amusing, but with a painfully weak plot.

Review Date: 20 June 1999, By Laura Gjovaag