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Adventure Comics #266

Title: Aquaman Meets Aquagirl!
Cover Date: November 1959
Anthology: 3 Stories
Other Stories: "Superboy: The Super-Pranks of Krypto!"; "Green Arrow: The Case of the Vanishing Arrows!"

Writer: unknown
Art: Ramona Fradon w/Charles Paris
Editor: unknown

Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 6 pages


The Green Arrow story has a guest cameo by Superman.

As a final aside, a fascinating short called "New Stars for 'Old Glory'" describes the addition of the 49th star to the US flag, representing Alaska. It's pointed out that in the next year Hawaii will be added, and Old Glory will have 50 stars. The last time before this that stars were added was 1912, when New Mexico and Arizona becames stars 47 and 48. Although I knew these facts already, seeing them in a comic book brought home to me the fluid nature of history.