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The Mutiny Against Aquaman
Adventure Comics #241

Title: "The Mutiny Against Aquaman"
Cover Date: October 1957
Anthology: 3 Stories (Superboy Cover)
Other Stories: "Superboy: The Super Outlaw of Smallville"; "Green Arrow: The Queen Arrow"

Writer: Unknown
Art: Ramona Fradon w/Charles Paris
Editor: Unknown

Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 6 pages


Roger Curtis, Jr, of the Curtis Traveling Circus needs to train four of the world's most dangerous fish to do an act in a tank under the big top, or he will lose his inheritance. His father's lawyer, Horace Forrest, is opposed to Curits' attempts. Aquaman promises to help, though, and trains four sea creatures to perform with Curtis. Forrest dumps chemicals in the water to drive the sea creatures wild enough to kill Aquaman, but Aquaman defeats them and confronts Forrest. Had Curtis failed in his attempt, a clause in the will would have left the circus to Forrest. Curtis performs the show in New York.


The creatures Aquaman gathers are a shark, a squid, a swordfish, and a whale. Curtis is trained to put his head in the shark's jaws, box with the squid, play matador with the swordfish, and float between the whale's jaws while the whale dances.

Aquaman uses the expression "suffering sea cows!" when he notices the chemical in the water that aggravates the fish.


An okay story.

Review Date: 26 June 1999, By Laura Gjovaag