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Adventure Comics #226

Title: Aquaman: The Showoff of the Seven Seas
Cover Date: July 1956
Anthology: Three Stories
Other Stories: "Superboy: Superboy's Flying Rivals"; "The Green Arrow: The Scarlet Bowmen"

Writer: Unknown
Art: Ramona Fradon w/Charles Paris
Editor: Unknown

Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 6 pages


Jim Slade wins the "Seaman of the Year" award, but an apparently jealous Aquaman arrives and acts indignant. When someone suggests he get and advertising agency, he says he'll do his own advertising.

Shortly afterward, vacationers are greeted by Aquaman's messages touting how wonderful he is. One captain asks why he's advertising when an escaped convict, T.N.T Dillon, is threatening him. Aquaman scoffs at Dillon's threats and continues advertising.

Aquaman advertises a great stunt he's going to pull: he borrowed an old oil derrick, and has whales blowing water up through it. Aquaman is going to jump from a plane into the derrick and swim safely down.

Dillon, however, knows about the stunt thanks to the advertising, and has planted dynamite on the derrick. When Aquaman jumps into the derrick, Dillon sets it off. But the plane he jumped from circles again, and the real Aquaman jumps from it and captures Dillon.

The whole advertising campaign was a scheme to smoke out Dillon into the open. Aquaman actually threw a dummy into the derrick.


Aquaman's ads: Squid ink on a whale reading "This is Aquaman, Greatest Seaman of the Year!" while Aquaman spins on an octopus riding on the whale's spout, Luminous oil paint reading "Only Aquaman can do this" floating in the water, Seals playing with a beach ball that reads "come to derrick 1 mile south of Keel Lighthouse on May 5 and watch Aquaman in Action!", Sea birds carrying a sign that reads "Don't Forget -- May 5 -- 1 Mile South of Keel Lighthouse to see Aquaman".

People get tired of Aquaman's campaign early on, and are befuddled at why he has anything to prove. The Coast Guard is in on the plot, though.

T.N.T Dillon's preferred method of harming people is by using dynamite. You gotta wonder why Aquaman put the whales in danger of the dynamite.


Another very short story that packs a lot into its few pages.

Review Date: 25 July 1998, By Laura Gjovaag