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Aquaman #3 (Third Mini-Series)

Cover of Aquaman: Time and Tide #3

Aquaman (Mini 3) #3

Title: Snowball In Hell, Time And Tide Part 3
Cover Date: February 1994

Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Kirk Jarvinen
Inks: Brad Vancata
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Dan Nakrosis
Asst. Editor: Eddie Berganza
Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Kirk Jarvinen and Brad Vancata

Cover Price: $1.50


Kako was hunting Polar Bear, but didn't manage to finish the beast. She was being chased when a young, blond, guy distracted the bear long enough for her to finish the job. Arthur is about to make his exit, but faints from blood loss.

Kako's grandfather is a traditionalist Inupiat, who hates white men. He's a little miffed to find young Arthur in his home. But since Arthur saved Kako's life, he's willing to make an exception.

Meanwhile, grandfather's other grandchild, Orm, has an argument with his mother and storms out.

Kako and Arthur play baseball in the snow, and Kako gives herself to Arthur. Orm sees it happen, and takes revenge on Kako. Arthur takes Kako home, and participates in the vigil for her. He falls into a sleep, and meets Nuliajuk, the mother of sea beasts. He frees Kako from her grip, and wakens to find Kako awake. He tells of his meeting, and grandfather has a heart attack and dies. Kako's grandmother drives Arthur away from their house.

He returns later, but they are gone.


This issue set up a lot of things that happen in the Peter David series. Kako has a son, Koryak, and Arthur is the father. Orm turns out to be the Ocean Master, also fathered by Atlan.


Rating: 8

Another good issue, and another lack of good comments to make.

Review Date: 30 August 1997, by Laura Gjovaag