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Aquaman #2 (Third Mini-Series)

Cover of Aquaman: Time and Tide #2

Aquaman (Mini 3) #2

Title: Fish Tales, Time And Tide Part 2
Cover Date: January 1994

Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Kirk Jarvinen
Inks: Brad Vancata
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Dan Nakrosis
Asst. Editor: Eddie Berganza
Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Kirk Jarvinen and Brad Vancata

Cover Price: $1.50


A dolphin is born, only to be immediately captured by a tuna net. Unfortunately for the tuna fishermen, Aquaman is the godfather of the young dolphin. He frees the dolphins.

He starts to tell another flashback, this one about being raised by dolphins.

When Arthur was left on Mercy Reef, he was expected to suffocate when the tide receded. Aquaman, of course, could live in and out of water, and survived easily. He was found my dolphins, one of which, Porm, took care of him. Porm insisted on taking him, though he was all but useless for a long time. Eventually he was able to learn how to use his hands to catch food. And he started to court a fellow dolphin, Nera. He was stopped by his dolphin brother, Drin. His mother, Porm, showed him humans.

He resisted the news that he wasn't a dolphin, and he and Drin started to leap through the water. Drin, unfortunately, went to far, and was slashed in the propellers of the ship on which Arthur had seen his first humans. He prevented the sailors from finishing Drin with a harpoon, a mercy killing. But Prom and the sharks pointed out that Drin was already dead, and so Arthur left, and took the harpoon with him.


A sad tale. Arthur isn't what he thought he was, a dolphin, and so had to learn.

Arthur's dolphin brother, Drin, shows up in later nightmares during the current series.


Rating: 8

The really good stories don't need much comment, I've found.

Review Date: 30 August 1997, by Laura Gjovaag