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Aquaman #36 (Third Series)

Cover of Aquaman #36

Aquaman (3) #36

Title: Homecoming
Cover Title: All Hail The King!
Cover Date: September 97

Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Jim Calafiore
Inks: Peter Palmiotti
Colors: Tom McCraw
Lettering: Albert DeGuzman
Asst. Editor: Dana Kurtin
Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Jim Calafiore and Mark McKenna

Cover Price: $1.75
Continuity: IN


The Poseidonians in Tritonis are slowly being broken by the work they have to do to make up their crimes against the city. Vulko and Koryak realize this, and decide they must go free. Koryak is ready to challenge Iquila to a fight to free them, but Garth intervenes. He defeats Iquila's anger, and Iquila frees the Posiedonians to finally go home.

Aquaman, meanwhile, is coming to terms with his new powers, including a strange abilty to sense "The Clear." While in The Clear, Porm visits him and tries to teach him peace. He heads home to Poseidonis.

Tempest visits Dolphin, who alerted him to the plight of the Poseidonians in the first place. She explains her fear of Aquaman, and asks him to stay.

Deep Blue sees the migrating Poseidonians, and offers to lead them to the city. Koryak falls in love with her despite a grumpy Vulko's warning. Aquaman is there to greet them, and allows them into their home. The people are delighted to see their king, and Koryak is jealous of his father.

Deep Blue innocently tells Aquaman where to find Dolphin, and he goes off... only to step in on Dolphin and Garth getting friendly. He fantasizes beating the crap out of Garth, but instead wishes them well and leaves.

Back in Poseidonis, Koryak tries out the feel of the throne at Vulko's urging.


The cover is very nice. One of the best, in my opinion.

Vulko is a geniune nasty in this book. He's obviously manipulating Koryak into being the next King. This is not the Vulko I know, and I don't like the new attitude.

Tempest, Garth, is at peace with himself, and takes on Iquila knowing the outcome. He is prepared to die, but seems to know that Iquila, despite his rage, is still a good man at heart.

Arthur is hurt badly by Dolphin's turning to Garth. He is, however, still in control, and the words of Porm probably helped him push down his fantasy and leave.

Speaking of fantasy... the fight sequence is done badly enough that many people didn't realize it didn't happen. For a bit that is supposed to emphasize the changes Arthur has gone through, it instead seemed to take him back to his nastiness. Only several close readings got the message through to me.

Dolphin and Garth, huh? Lucky gal.


A good interlude, nice character moments. The dream sequence could have been better. I liked it.

Review Date: 3 August 1997, By Laura Gjovaag