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Full Who's Who In Aquaman

Atlantis Chronicles: Who's Who

Name (1st app in AC) Description of character
Albart of Ancinor (#1) First Keeper of the Chronicles, follower of Shalako, also known as Albart-Son-of-Yarrow. Committed suicide.
Alloroc (#1) Richest man in Atlantis, father of Bazil.
Arion (#1) Atlantean Demi-god, left Atlantis during the Great Migration when part of Atlantis sank.
Atlan (#5) Second son of Honsu. Discovered the surface, became a great wizard. Fathered Orin and Orm.
Atlanna (#7) Queen of Poseidonis, Wife of Trevis, Mother of Aquaman.
Atlantis (#1) The continent of Atlantis, sank partially during the Great Migration, then completely after being hit by a meteorite.
Bazil (#1) Son of Alloroc, destined to marry Cora. A warlord of Poseidonis later in life.
Britton-Son-of-Cole (#2) Second Keeper of the Chronicles, Nephew of Albart, the first Keeper.
Cave of Death (#3) A cave from which no living thing returns.
Cora (#1) Daughter of Orin and Narmea, born early because of Dardanus's magical intervention. Mother of Fiona and Kordax.
Dan (#3) Tritonian boy who helps save Bazil and Co during the Shark Hunt.
Dardanus (#1) Youngest child of Shalako, son of Loma. Father of Kordax.
Dark Gods (#1) The gods to which Shalako turns when he realizes Suula has forsaken him.
Dona (#5) Friend and companion of Haumond.
Duncan (#7) King of Tritonis during the reign of Trevis.
Esteban Maroto (#1) Illustrator of Atlantis Chronicles.
Fatima (#5) Eldest child of Fiona and Regin.
Fiona (#4) Bazil and Cora's Daughter, heir to the throne.
Gana (#5) Wife of Kalunga. Claimed to have come from the surface.
Gulacia (#3) Flirtatious woman who had an affair with Orin.
Haumond (#5) Third son of Honsu. Killed his brother to end a war, then went into voluntary exile.
Helois (#5) Chronicler of Atlantis during the time of Honsu.
Honsu (#5) Descendant of Manu. King of Atlantis. Attempted to conquer the surface world during his reign.
Illya (#3) The Third Keeper of the Chronicles, younger sister of Britton, One of Bazil's friends involved in the Shark Hunt.
Kaladro (#7) Priest of Shalako, leads the revolution to overthrow science in Poseidonis after Trevis's suicide.
Kalunga (#5) Child of Fiona and Regin, considered an imbecile, might have suffered from hydrophobia.
Kordax (#4) Son of Cora and Dardanus. Completely scaled and green, like a fish, with blond hair. Had his left hand removed for trying to take the throne of Poseidonis. Has telepathy, can control fish.
Kraken (#5) Son of Honsu, Heir. Killed by Haumond in Greece.
Loma (#1) Dardanus' mother, helped Narmea give birth to Cora. Murdered by Shalako to create Tritonis' dome.
Lora (#7) Tritonian child. Finds a container of toxic waste with Uri.
Lorelei (#5) Descendant of Nala, wife of Honsu.
Maia (#2) Wife of Britton (?).
Manu (#5) Child of Fatima.
Manuel (#7) Member of Christopher Columbus's crew who spotted a Tritonian.
Morisca (#3) One of Bazil's friends, involved in the Shark Hunt.
Muria (#7) Queen of Tritonis during the reign of Trevis.
Nala (#5) Child of Kalunga and Gana, one of the most formidable villains in Atlantean history.
Narmea (#1) Wife of Orin, mother of Cora.
No-Amun (#6) Egyptian god, actually a descendant of the first Atlanteans to leave after the sinking of Atlantis. Shared his knowledge with Haumond.
Orin (#1) King of Atlantis, scientist, father of Cora, husband of Narmea, brother of Shalako.
Orin [2] (#7) Child of Atlanna and Atlan, called Arthur Curry and Aquaman later in life.
Orm (#7) The other child Atlan tells Atlanna he will sire. Later known as Ocean Master.
Pallais (#1) Atlantean Sea Goddess.
Peter David (#1) Transcriber of Atlantis Chronicles.
Poseidonis (#1) An inland Atlantis city that survived the first sinkings, only to sink later when a meteorite hits.
Professor (Doctor) R K Simpson (#1) "Discoverer" of the Atlantis Chronicles, writer of several essays at the end of the issues.
Rajar (#1) Advisor and childhood friend of Orin. Murdered by savages thanks to Shalako's deceit.
Ramses (#6) Egyptian leader who spared Haumond's life.
Regin (#4) The Fourth Keeper of the Chronicles, son of Illya, later married Fiona.
Ronal (#3) Tritonian boy who helps save Bazil and Co during the Shark Hunt.
Savages (#1) The people that live outside Poseidonis, who Orin tries to help and who turn on him and the city.
Shalako (#1) Younger brother of Orin, spiritual leader of Poseidonis.
Shayera (#6) The leader of the Idylists, devoted to peace. Leads them to the Hidden Valley and establishes a new home. Warned by Atlan to "Beware of babes with purple eyes".
Solon (#6) Greek traveler and historian, visited Egypt and met Haumond.
Stearn (#3) Chief Magistrate of Tritonis before the re-emergence of Dardanus.
Suula (#1) Atlantean Sky Goddess.
Thorne (#2) An Atlantean scientist who helps discover the serum that allows underwater breathing.
Trevis (#7) Called "The Weak". Last King of Atlantis.
Tritonis (#2) City where Shalako's followers go after leaving Poseidonis.
Uri (#7) Younger brother of Trevis. Finds a container of toxic waste which falls on him, and suffocates him.
Viro (#3) One of Bazil's friends, is saved by Ronal and Dan during the Shark Hunt.
Vulko (#7) The best scientist in Atlantis during the reign of Trevis.
Yara (#7) Poseidonian child. Finds a container of toxic waste with Uri.