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The History of Atlantis

Atlantis Chronicles: The Birth (7 of 7)

Atlantis Chronicles #7: The Birth

The Atlantis Chronicles #7

Title: The Birth
Cover Date: September 1990

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Esteban Maroto
Colors: Eric Kachelhofer
Lettering: Gaspar
Editor: Robert Greenberger
Cover: Esteban Maroto

Cover Price: $2.95


Honsu's soldiers are tired, they've fought too long and too hard. So Honsu tells the Greeks that if they can defeat his greatest warrior, his son Kraken, in battle, he will go back to the water and never bother them again. A brave Greek warrior steps into the fight, and the rest... you'll have to read for yourself.

The story continues, after skipping a few generations, with the beautiful Atlanna, reading the chronicles. Disturbed by dreams of Atlan, and discontent in her life with husband and king, Trevis, she reads to forget, and to continue... For the Atlantis Chronicles have been discontinued due to pressure from the Shakalites, and Atlanna writes in her journal to keep the tradition alive.

Atlanna has been unable to produce a royal heir for Trevis, and that, mixed with the return of dark religion and superstition to Atlantis and the encroachment of the surface-dwellers pollution, led to an intolerable situation, and the return of a legend, Atlan.

And the birth of another legend: Aquaman. The Shalakites see his blond hair as a curse, and he is abandoned on Mercy Reef. Before he kills himself, Trevis writes the fate of her son in Atlanna's journal, and before the opressive regime takes control of the city, Atlanna hides her journal among the other tomes of Chronicles.


Poor Haumond. He breaks his pledge.

Take the Legend of Aquaman, and read it very carefully with this issue, and you'll find only one inconsistency. Aquaman remembers his Mother's face in Legend, but in this issue, he is whisked away before she recovers from the birth.


Rating: 9

Review Date: February 1996, by Laura Gjovaag

If you haven't read this series, DO!

"I do not, as Atlan did, claim to know the future. I cannot even lay claim to being a queen anymore, or for certain even a mother. The only thing I am most definitely... and perhaps the most important... is the last and somewhat unofficial keeper of the Atlantis Chronicles."