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The History of Atlantis

Atlantis Chronicles: The Deluge (1 of 7)

Atlantis Chronicles #1: The Deluge

The Atlantis Chronicles #1

Title: The Deluge
Cover Date: March 1990

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Esteban Maroto
Colors: Eric Kachelhofer
Lettering: Gaspar
Editor: Robert Greenberger
Cover: Esteban Maroto

Cover Price: $2.95


Starting with the voice of Albart of Ancinor, the first Keeper of the Chronicles, we read the story of Orin and Shalako, two brothers. Orin is the Monarch of Poseidonis, Shalako is the leader of the religious caste. After Orin gives some technological advances to outsiders, the outsiders attack, intending to take more. Orin decides a more permanent protection is needed, and proposes to dome the city, a proposal which Shalako violently opposes, as it will anger the sky-goddess Suula.

Orin ignores Shalako and builds the dome anyway, in order to protect his people. When disaster doesn't strike immediately, Shalako relents and forgives his brother. But he did so too soon, as he learns when an asteroid appears in the sky and threatens the city. All Orin's technological attempts to stop it fail, and the city braces for impact, sealing the gates and hoping for the best.

The asteroid strikes, and the city and all the land around sink into the depths.


This first issue of The Atlantis Chronicles begins an epic of Atlantean history that greatly enhances the DC Universe.

The conflict between the two brothers sets a stage for generations of warfare, strife, love, and hope. And the conclusion to this story is an incredible beginning...


Rating: 9

This is a tale well worth the time it may take to snoop it out from a dusty old comics box in some tiny store. If the Chronicles are reprinted in trade-paperback form, I would gladly buy a copy just as back-up to my current collection. Get them. Read them.

Review Date: February 1996, by Laura Gjovaag