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Aquaman #1 (First Mini-Series)

Cover of Aquaman #1

Aquaman (Mini 1) #1

Title: Aquaman
Cover Title: In The Shadowy Depths Of Atlantis, His Life Will Change Forever!
Cover Date: February 1986

Writer: Neal Pozner
Pencils: Craig Hamilton
Inks: Steve Montano
Colors: Joe Orlando
Lettering: Bob Lappan
Editor: Neal Pozner and Dick Giordano
Cover: Craig Hamilton

Cover Price: $0.75
Continuity: OUT


We learn of the 12 mystic crystals of Atlantis, that were drained in a great battle and then placed in keeps around the globe.

In New Venice, though, crystals are the last thing on anybody's mind. Ocean Master blasts into town, wreaking havoc and getting into a battle royale with Aquaman. While Mera tries desperately to save the town, Arthur is beaten by his unpowered brother. But Ocean Master doesn't kill him, he leaves while he's got the upper hand. And Arthur has to deal with the fact that his own presence has basically destroyed New Venice.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Vulko is awakened to demands for military action against the blasphemers. He is waiting, however, for Aquaman.

And Aquaman is on his way, leaving poor Mera to deal with the damage to New Venice. Just as he reaches the outskirts of the city, an octopus grabs him and drags him into Atlantis through a secret entrance. It doesn't respond to his commands, because it's a mechanical creature made by Vulko.

Vulko explains that Atlantis is reeling under the changes made by Arthur as king, including opening the city to the outside world. And, to make matters worse, the royal seal of Atlantis has been stolen, presumably by one of the surface diplomats who had visited. Now the people are calling for surfacer blood, as well as for Aquaman's. But Vulko thinks the seal was stolen magically, which suggests, to him, Thierna Na Oge.

In Thierna Na Oge, meanwhile, Nuada Silverhand, the king, has been overthrown by her sister, Bres.

Aquaman disguises himself in a camouflage suit and travels to Thierna Na Oge. He attempts to sneak in, but is caught and thrown into a dungeon with Nuada.


Great art and an engaging story make this book a fun read. The camo, or "Blue" suit, is one of the best known changes for a character, even though it only occurred in this one now out-of-continuity story.

Introduced in this story are Thierna Na Oge and Nuada Silverhand, both resurfaced in the current Aquaman book by Peter David. They enriched the DC universe when they were introduced, and it is good to know they are still around.


Rating: 7

This is well worth the reading, and well worth the getting.

Review Date: 26 February 1997, by Laura Gjovaag