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Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #29

Cover of Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #29

Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #29

Title: The Irresistible Lois Lane!
Cover Date: November 1961
Anthology: Three stories
Other Stories: "Lois Lane's Secret Identity" and "The School for Scoops"

Writer: Unknown
Pencils: Curt Swan
Inks: Stan Kaye
Colors: Unknown
Lettering: Unknown
Editor: Mort Weisinger
Cover: Curt Swan and Stan Kaye

Cover Price: $0.10
Continuity: OUT


After receiving a mysterious vase of flowers, and spotting Krypto (Superman's dog) writing a "L" in the sky, Lois decides to do a story on kisssing super-heroes.

Dressing in her best man-baiting outfit, she goes to see Green Arrow, who is putting on a shooting exhibition. She manages to get him to kiss her, much to the annoyance of Lana Lang (who is also covering the exhibition).

Then a fire on the waterfront attracts Aquaman, who also gets the kissing treatment from Lois.

Then she manages to find Batman, who is busy catching crooks in Metropolis. He also gets kissed by Lois.

Later, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Batman rendezvous and Batman takes their lipstick smeared handkerchiefs to save Superman, who is in danger from green Kryptonite.

Turns out that plan "L" was an indication that Superman needed the antidote Lois carried. But Lois had realized she was being watched when she spotted a "bug" on the vase of flowers, so she needed to use trickery to get the antidote to Superman. So Lois had put the antidote on her lipstick, and told each hero what was happening as she kissed them.


The cover to this issue was so good that it was my January 1998 Cover of the Month. It shows Green Arrow kissing Lois, with Aquaman and Batman lined up for their turns. If that weren't enough, Lana Lang is hanging out to the side trying to figure out what Lois' appeal is.

To say that this story is a little bit silly would be right on target. Nonetheless, it's a pretty good example of an Aquaman appearance in the Silver Age. Short, sweet, and funny. The cover is a classic that more people deserve to see.

The other two stories in this issue are "Lois Lane's Secret Identity", wherein Lois disguises herself to trick Superman into marrying her, and "The School for Scoops", wherein Lois teaches other reporters her tricks on getting scoops.


A fun little romp, worth it if you can find a copy cheap.

Review Date: 29 December 1997, By Laura Gjovaag