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Hawkman #15 (1993)

Cover of Hawkman #15

Hawkman #15 (1993)

Title: Among the Minnows
Cover Title: Eyes of the Hawk Part 2 of 4
Cover Date: December 1994

Writer: William Messner-Loebs
Pencils: Steve Lieber
Inks: Curt Shoultz
Colors: Buzz Setzer
Lettering: Albert DeGuzman
Editor: Jim Spivey
Cover: Lee Weeks and Mike Sellers

Cover Price: $1.95
Continuity: OUT
Note: Special Thanks to Tim Holthrop


Aquaman acts like a fool, Hawkman postures like some hero or something, and the reformed Scavenger turns out to be a mass murderer with super-powers. Oh, and the Scavenger dies at the end.


This story should never have been written. It's horrible both in implication and in execution. I always buy crossovers involving my favorite characters, and this was the first time I wished I hadn't. At times I've been disappointed, but never disgusted like I was when I read this one.

Before I say anything more, I'll say that my primary reason for hating this story is that it retcons Aquaman (1991) #13 into an obscene parody of the original story. It totally destroys that story with its implications. That alone is reason enough to hate it. Here's a couple more reasons:

Basically, I think this story is crap. Not worth the paper its printed on. I strongly recommend ignoring it. It shouldn't have been written: both the editor and writer dropped the ball on letting this one through.

The good news is that Hawkman's continuity is so screwed up that the story probably is out of continuity anyway. All we need now is a good story with the reformed Mort to prove that it never happened.


Rating: 1

Utter Crap. Don't read it, don't buy it. It's not worth it.

Review Date: 11 September 1997, By Laura Gjovaag