Review Page --- Justice League: "The Enemy Below" part 2

Justice League Adventures #14

Aquaman Adventures!

Justice League Adventures #14

Title: An Angry Tide
Cover Title: The Sea King's Revenge!
Cover Date: February 2003

Writers: Matthew K Manning
Pencils: John Delaney
Inks: John K Snyder
Colors: John Kalisz and Heroic Age
Lettering: Kurt Hathaway
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Cover: Butch Lukic

Cover Price: $2.25


The ocean near Gotham city is suddenly full of unrest, as the sea life is attacking people and places. The Justice League is called to a public beach, where people are being attacked by starfish and sharks. As the League fights off the creatures, Aquaman attacks first Wonder Woman, then Green Lantern. Then the Flash is injured by an algae bloom.

Ever the dectective, Batman realizes that Aquaman can't control algae, but Poison Ivy can. He identifies her from old TV footage kissing Aquaman. With that knowledge, the League captures Aquaman and sends J'onn in to Ivy in his place. They give Aquaman the antitoxin, and he helps them to capture Ivy.


Oh, this one is full of good stuff. Kudos to the writer, who clearly knows Aquaman better than the average fan.

First off, although it was a bit of a shock to see Aquaman punch Wonder Woman, it was a great piece of imagery: he leaps from the water fast enough that neither WW or GL can react, then tells Wonder Woman, "Next time I use the other hand." That's one mean Aqua-dude. He's also able to sneak up and sucker-punch GL the same way, even after John is actively looking for him.

Fast reaction time on land is a hallmark of Aquaman and that's shown when he also dodges the Flash.

I loved the basic piece of detective work by Batman, but even better was the footage he watches. The ceremony is a mayor presenting Aquaman with the key to a city. The city is New Venice, Aquaman's hang out in both the Silver Age and later. Like I said, the writer knows Aquaman!

The last of the really good bits was Batman's description of the needle they use to administer the antitoxin to Aquaman. It points out that Aquaman's skin is very tough, which it would have to be for him to live underwater.

It was very nice to see a capable Aquaman who is able to take on the whole Justice League and keep them busy. This is the portrayal of Aquaman that most people never bother to see, but the one that I love.


One of the best Aquaman stories to come down the line in quite awhile. Loved it!

Review Date: 6 December 2002, by Laura Gjovaag