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Aquaman and Pirates' Gold

Soggy Twinkies, ug

Hostess® Ad: Aquaman and Pirates' Gold

Appeared in: Batman #345, Detective Comics #512

Writer: Bob Rozakis(?)
Art: Curt Swan and Vince Colletta
Year: March 1982

Note: This adventure takes place in a Hypertime dimension known as Earth-Hostess®.


Explosions rock the ocean floor near Atlantis, and Aquaman and Aqualad rush to find the cause. They discover surface men planting explosions to try and uncover lost pirates' gold. Aquaman plants a false treasure for them, and the surfacers seem satisfied with their find of Hostess® Twinkies®.


In any other dimension, Aquaman would've beat the snot out of the surfacers instead of tricking them with Twinkies®. After all, there were only three of them, and he had Aqualad to help.

If I were the surfacers, I wouldn't be satisfied with Twinkies®, even if I was an addict to delicious golden sponge cakes filled with smooth creamy filling. After all, I find the pirates' gold and I can buy lots of Twinkies®.


A strangely unsatisfying story.

Review Date: 12 April 1999, By Laura Gjovaag


I enjoyed reviewing these ads quite a bit. I was especially pleased to be able to hunt down all seven of them (If you know of more, please tell me). I immediately went out and bought Fruit Pies after finishing, and intend to have some Twinkies in the near future. Even years later, the ads still work... sort of.

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