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Aquaman and the Space Capsule

Our Heroes

Hostess® Ad: Aquaman and the Space Capsule

Appeared in: Batman #331, Detective Comics #449, Green Lantern #137

Writer: Unknown
Art: Curt Swan and Vince Colletta
Year: January-February 1981

Note: This adventure takes place in a Hypertime dimension known as Earth-Hostess®.


Aquaman, Mera, and Aqualad witness a light falling into the ocean. When they check it out, they discover a U.S. Space Capsule with U.S. Astronauts inside that is sinking instead of floating as it should. Aquaman gets some porpoises to take the capsule to Atlantis. When the astronauts emerge, they think they are on an alien world until Mera brings them some delicious Hostess® Fruit Pies.


You gotta wonder how the astronauts didn't recognize Aquaman. Are they that out of the loop? Shouldn't astronaut training in the DCU include identification of super-heroes, as the chances are relatively good that you'll run into one?

Hostess® Fruit Pies have real fruit filling and a light, tender crust. One of the astronauts favorite flavors is cherry.


An amusing tale.

Review Date: 12 April 1999, By Laura Gjovaag
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