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The Ice Age

Aquaman punches Ice

Hostess® Ad: The Ice Age

Appeared in: Detective Comics #474

Writer: Unknown
Art: Curt Swan and Vince Colletta
Year: December 1977

Note: This adventure takes place in a Hypertime dimension known as Earth-Hostess®.


The waters near Atlantis are freezing, and Aquaman goes to find out why. He is soon in battle with an evil creature that calls itself the giggle Iceberg Head! It intends to destroy Atlantis! And Aquaman's punches don't harm it! Suddenly, Aqualad arrives with Hostess® Cup Cakes, sent by Mera who knows they will warm up even the coldest of monsters. And they do, turning Iceberg Head into Icewater Head who happily munches on Hostess® Cup Cakes in his holding cell.


This is, by far, the worst of the Hostess® ads I've seen. The art is fine, but the villain is off the Mort-O-Meter scale.

Aquaman comments that he's always said he'll give up when Atlantis freezes over. Interesting. Final Night must have been a bit worrisome for him, then.

Mera has the idea to give the monster Hostess® Cup Cakes. She obviously knows the rules of Earth-Hostess® better than Aquaman does at this point.


This one could almost make you swear off chocolate.

Review Date: 18 April 1999, By Laura Gjovaag
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