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That Dirty Beach

Shark Attack!

Hostess® Ad: That Dirty Beach

Appeared in: Batman #285, Detective Comics #468, Superboy #225, Batman #286

Writer: Unknown
Art: Curt Swan and Vince Colletta
Year: March-April 1977

Note: This adventure takes place in a Hypertime dimension known as Earth-Hostess®.


Aquaman is called in to help a beach that is not only polluted, but has strange creatures attacking people, too. The local businesses are angry and tell Aquaman he'd better do something fast. He goes into the water and finds that Slud-Jak, a reptilian sea creature with tentacles instead of legs, is causing the problems to get revenge for human pollution. Aquaman arranges for negotiation, with Hostess® Twinkies® as the lure to get Slud-Jak to the table.


I've seen this ad dozens of times, but this read-through is the first time I noticed that Slud-Jak had tentacles. Whoa.

Slud-Jak is somehow able to negate Aquaman's telepathy, as his sharks attack Aquaman despite being told off by the King of the Seas.


This is a dopey ad, but Slud-Jak makes for an interesting villain.

Review Date: 12 April 1999, By Laura Gjovaag
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