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Justice League

The Enemy Below (part 1)

Modern Aquaman

Justice League: "The Enemy Below" Part 1
Writer: Kevin Hopps
Director: Dan Riba

Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Associate Producer: Shaun McLaughlin
Justice League Theme by Lolita Rimanis
Music by Michael McCuistion
Voice Director: Andrea Romano
Casting Directors: Leslie Lamers and Andrea Romano

Cast: Scott Rummell (Aquaman), Kristen Bauer (Mera), Kevin Conroy (Batman), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman), Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern), Carl Lumbly (J'onn J'onzz), George Newbern (Superman), Richard Green (Orm), Xander Berkeley (General Brak), Michael Rosenbaum (Deadshot), Richard Doyle (Assembly Leader), Chan Einbinder (Captain), Jason Marsden (Snapper Carr)

Original Airdate: 3 Dec 2001 (7 Dec 2001, 9 Dec 2001)

NOTE: Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Batman created by Bob Kane, Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston

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The Atlanteans take down a Nuclear Submarine that has crossed into their territory, and the Justice League rushes to aid the sub. Aquaman allows the League to save the crew, but keeps the sub under guard. As the League is leaving, Superman suggests that Aquaman bring up his complaints with the World Assembly. After some war-mongering by his generals and soul searching with his wife and son, Aquaman decides to do just that. However, he is not patient enough to deal with politics, then is attacked as he leaves.

Animated Aquaman Family

To find the culprit, the League fakes moving Aquaman to another hospital, and catches an assassin hired with gold from the ocean bottom. They have no time to warn Aquaman, who returns to Atlantis only to run into a coup led by his brother Orm.


Here we go again with the Aquaman design... I was really unsure why they switched to the Peter David era Aquaman from the classic Aquaman on Superman. Yes, I read all the reasoning in the articles and interviews about the guest appearance, but it seemed like a huge jump to me. Then I actually saw the first episode... and it wasn't as big a jump as promised.

Both Hands!

That's right. Throughout this episode, despite the promo material, Aquaman has TWO HANDS.

Ok, the earrings gotta go, the ears are too spiked (he's not Namor!) and he needs to put on a shirt, but the jump is not as severe as it would've been if he had suddenly been sporting the hook. Indeed, it suddenly fits in with Aquaman's appearance on Superman much better.

Other character designs were a little jarring to me, also. Artie Jr and Mera both seemed odd, but then I'm used to the classic Nick Cardy versions, I guess. Orm had always been a physical weakling in my opinion, so having him as a muscle-bound creep didn't work for me, either.

Speaking of Orm, we've definitely moved away from the Silver Age or any other version of Aquaman's Atlantis with this tale. Orm, always Aquaman's half-brother, lives in Atlantis as an advisor to the king. That's a new one (unless you count Minister F'ancha from the 1991 series). Also, Aqualad is no where to be seen, nor is Vulko.

Still, it's not all bad, and I apologize if I'm coming off as not liking it, because I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Aquaman is powerful. He has his troops and warriors and technology, true, but he can also sucker-punch Green Lantern. He may not be terribly patient with the World Assembly, but he was probably cutting close to his time limit and needed rehydration anyway. Ok, he wouldn't have shoved Wonder Woman, that was out of character.

I read a comment that Aquaman should have heard the missile coming and got out of the way. I disagree. He's in a foreign place, surrounded by strange noises. He dare not jump at any new noise: it would show weakness. He doesn't know the sound of a missile in the air from a truck.

Other thoughts: Will he lose his hand in the next episode? Will Artie Jr die?


Looking forward to seeing the next episode on Monday.

Review Date: 7 Dec 2001, By Laura Gjovaag