Review Page --- Wonder Woman #163

Wonder Woman #162 (Nov-2000)

Wonder Woman #162

Wonder Woman #162 (Nov-2000)

Title: God Complex Part One
Cover Title: God Complex Part 1 of 2
Cover Date: November 2000

Writer: Ben Raab
Pencils: Derec Aucoin
Inks: Tom Simmons
Colors: Ram Rambo
Lettering: John Costanza
Editor: Maureen McTigue
Cover: Karl Waller

Cover Price: $2.25


Wonder Woman is battling Superman in the JLA Watchtower when word comes that a troop of Wonder Scouts have been murdered in the waters over Atlantis. Fearing that Aquaman has gone around the bend in defending his waters, Wonder Woman confronts him on his home turf. Aquaman denies involvement in the attack, and suggests that Diana use her magic lasso if she doubts him. The two then team up to find the responsible party.

After looking at the evidence, Aquaman realizes that Black Manta is behind the attacks, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman go looking for Manta. They find him behind a defensive line of Gorgomaids, but he's in no shape to talk with them, as he's unconscious, floating in his own blood.


Ben Raab has done more to develop this latest incarnation of Black Manta than anyone. You may recall the Gorgomaids from Aquaboy/Lagoon Man, which Raab also wrote. This is further development of the character who killed Aquaman's son, then became something less than human. I swear, if there is ever a Black Manta mini-series, I want Raab to write it.

I love the use of the JLA and Oracle as supporting cast at the beginning of this issue. Very strong message being sent about Diana's place in the super-hero pantheon.

Wonder Woman suspects Aquaman might be indirectly responsible because of his recent attack on Cerdia. To the rest of the world, that attack still looks like aggression from the Atlanteans as opposed to the genuine war that it was. Most of the world did not get to see the destruction of Poseidonis and Tritonis.

The art is great. It conveys what needs to be shown in a beautiful and simple way. The shattered look on Diana's face when she hears the news... Aquaman's intense look to convince Diana he's telling the truth.

I think there was a coloring error on page 12. Aquaman's eyes are blue, not green.

The cover has very little to do with the interior story.


A very good part one, I was very eager to read part two.

Review Date: 17 Dec 2001, By Laura Gjovaag